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  • Large Middle Earth - The Battle For Arda (version 2.0.1)
    Download latest prerelease -> Download map -> Unzip -> Put into downloadedMaps folder -> Play!

    I'll be away for a week. I might or might not be able to check the forum, but I definitely won't be able to start TripleA or do anything other than using the forum.
    I'm releasing because unit rework is mostly done, but I don't know how much the units are worth. The map is in playable state I think, so feel free to give it a try. I warmly welcome any savegames, whether PvP or single player. I'm also waiting for your suggestions for tweaking units stats/costs.

    State of the map can be summarised as follows:

    • New units mostly completed
    • Some of the unit images were done hastily, some old unit images are still present... But worry not! Before: 0_1531178819000_330a1f6a-c227-418b-825a-20f8fc51f0e9-image.png After: 0_1531178926808_snaga_skirmisher.png
    • There is no way that balance is anywhere in the reasonable spectrum
    • There are no game notes and no unit tooltips. I had no time left for that, unfortunately. May the light of Varda and @Hepps guide you through the darkness.
    • Sea Units option is not yet included. I'll have to rethink sea units when I have the time.

    Some important points:

    • Now every unit has a "Terrain preference class" or whatever. This determines how it is affected by terrain. It is independent of unit categories.
    • Added shield ability, which is basically armor except against ranged, not melee.
    • Unseen attack renamed to duel, and now it happens in all combat rounds.
    • Now there are some units with 10/12 charge. This means that you need a very recent prerelease to play, and it can easily be that Low Luck AA will throw an error.
    • Fortifications had to be reworked after minimal testing revealed that the original idea wasn't really good. Walls now have a relatively significant defense value, and they are cheaper. Ancient fortifications now have defense values too. Everything gives less battlements support.
    • Hard AI exhibits... erm... well, sub-human level play.
    • Losing your capital now hurts you in no way (well, maybe you could consider keeping that juicy production), at least in theory - dragons and olpihaunts now repair two hits a turn.
    • @redrum there is an engine bug with the minimap I think when territories change ownership. Also there is a bug in 10535 in edit mode when trying to place units on the same territory twice.

    Future plans:

    • Fix all them bugs.
    • Number versions like 2.0.x until it is polished
    • Replace the unit images that have an innate 12 terror against players.
    • Balance units by tweaking stats/costs.
    • Add game notes and tooltips.
    • Write a better placement picker and generate better placements for territories.
    • Add sea units.
    • Achieve balance by changing territory production values and starting armies.
    • Play games. And get beaten on my own map in front of the whole TripleA community. (This is actually likely... I've never played PvP games of PBF/PBEM length.)
    • Keep reminding the community that their savegames would really help with balancing. Even if it is a shameful defeat at the hands of the AI. (I don't think that's possible at the present state though...)

    Here is another thing that will probably be helpful for you in deciphering the xml to learn unit abilities. Large Middle Earth TagX.xml - the game xml is generated from this.

    Ask any questions, leave any suggestions, I will read them (eventually). Have fun!

    This is the official thread for Large Middle Earth - post your bug reports or ideas here. From now on, we will also move discussion on development here.


    This post is going to be constantly updated, I will soon turn it into something more impressive.

    Former discussion on this map:

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  • Admin

    I think I have hit all the terrains in a manner that accentuates them while making them distinctly part of the back ground.

    0_1528644972013_New rivers decoration.png
    This first example is just of the new River terrain image. None of the other terrains are changed.

    0_1528645038631_Refined Terrain with new swamp.png
    This is the River Terrain with all the other finished terrains included. You will see that I have also created a new Swamp Terrain.

    I have omitted the Names, PU & UP icons as I am currently revisiting those as well.

  • Admin

    @hepps Looks awesome. This might put your previous works to shame though...

  • Admin

    @redrum Well here is another spot with some of the work done.

    0_1528648361275_Falls of Rouras Before pic.png

    Halfway to after...
    0_1528648400248_Falls of Rouras.png

    You will notice that I have dramatically changed the Falls of Rouros.... since it looked EXTREMELY confusing in the current version. Might even justify a small image to indicate it is impassible.

  • Admin

    @hepps I'd suggest adding a bit of texture to the falls so its less solid blue and has more white/gray to set it apart more.

  • Admin

    @redrum How about just this?

    0_1528649433744_Falls of Rouras =).png


  • Admin

    @hepps Black Knight Security Services.... "We'll risk life and limb to make your wilderness secure"

  • @hepps Rivers are really cool. They should not be visible behind the trees though 🙂 (one tree in Elvenking's Halls and another one in Lower Forest River)

  • Admin

    @alkexr Lol!!!! I was waiting to how long it would take for that to come up.

    Answer.... not very long. 🙂

  • @hepps I'm unimpressed by the ability icons. They don't help with seeing what is what.
    I don't think there is a shortcut to the steep learning curve here. You just have to learn all the units, or at least the important ones. Or use the tooltpis frequently.

  • Admin

    @alkexr All good. I already have them installed in my version. Truth be told it helps a great deal. You have so many different effects for almost every unit I find it unplayable without them.

    I don't know how you produced that image but everything other than the back ground looked blurred. So not sure what you did.

  • Admin

    @alkexr The other thing that probably helped me is that I redid the placements to account for the larger overall unit image size. That way the added abilities icons aren't overlapping each other making a jumble of unit images and icons.

  • @hepps Do you have them as unit icons? I see no reason not to include them as an optional feature if one out of five-ish people who have ever given feedback say it "helps a great deal" and I don't have to lift more than a finger. Maybe with better placements there will be less clutter.

    I don't know why it looks blurred, I made it with windows snipping tool. Here is the same with map snapshot:

  • Admin

    @alkexr Looks much better the second time through.

    I put them in the unit images since the feature did not exist when I did them. But certainly they'd be much better as icons that you could turn on at the start of the game for a real release.

  • Moderators

    @alkexr said in Large Middle Earth - official thread:

    I don't know why it looks blurred, I made it with windows snipping tool. Here is the same with map snapshot:

    Are you using Windows with a general zoom different from 100%?

  • Admin

    So here is a view of how I am doing the fords and river crossings.

    0_1528669869438_Cair Andros Before.png

    0_1528669894972_Cair Andros.png

  • @cernel Windows 10, zoomed in as much as possible, TripleA

  • Moderators

    @alkexr Just wanted to suggest to try it at 100% if it comes out right. I got several cases myself Windows zoom and TripleA don't mix well. Myself I gave up; now I've it at 100% since a while.

  • Admin

    Although this is quite tedious... it is also immensely enjoyable. Almost all of Gondor is now done. But you do not get to gaze on Minas Tirith or Osgiliath just yet. 🙂

    Here is a look at the coast with just the rivers and terrain layers so far.
    0_1528681794562_Soutnern Gondor coast.png

    IF this is anywhere near as fun to play as it has been to design the reliefs for it... then we are in for a treat! 🙂