Roger's Scenario Thread

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    Scenario 41 Oztea SBR
    Description A variant of the Global game, starting turn 3, with enhanced strategic bombing
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    Good Points

    • Variant of the Global game
    • AI plays well
    • Better balance than the Global game

    Bad Points

    • Although the balance is better, it is still tough for the allies, especially once the Germans start bombing Russia

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    Scenario Axis & Allies Global 1939-Midnight Express
    Description A 1939 scenario for AAG40
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    **Good Points

    • Uses the well-tested Global mechanics

    **Bad Points

    • As with most Global game scenarios, it can be hard for the Allies, especially if they are mostly played by the AI.

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    Scenario New World Order 5 Nations
    Description 1939 on the New World Order map, with everyone except Germany, Italy, Russia, UK, US as garrisoned neutrals
    Download Repository/Experimental/NWO Variants

    ** Good Points

    • Lots of options on a fairly open map
    • Lots of unit types

    ** Bad Points

    • Takes a while for the US to get in the war

    This is fun to play against the AI as the Russians

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    **Scenario ** WWIIv3 1939 - 11 Nations Mod
    Description 1939 on Anniversary edition map
    Download Repository/Experimental/WW2v3_11N

    Good Points

    • Fast-playing game on a well-known map

    Bad Points

    • Despite 1939 start, there are no political restrictions.

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