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    Thought I would share some terrain icons to start for anyone who is trying to incorporate them into a map design.

    Here is what I have designed so far...

    21_1530377027113_Urban.png 20_1530377027113_Swamp.png 19_1530377027113_Settlement.png 18_1530377027113_Sea.png 17_1530377027112_Savanna.png 16_1530377027112_Savanna 2.png 15_1530377027112_River.png 14_1530377027112_Plains.png 13_1530377027112_Pass.png 12_1530377027112_Mountain.png 11_1530377027112_Major River.png 10_1530377027112_Jungle.png 9_1530377027112_Island.png 8_1530377027112_Hills.png 7_1530377027112_Forest.png 6_1530377027112_Forest 2.png 5_1530377027112_Desert.png 4_1530377027112_Coastal Shallows.png 3_1530377027112_Coast.png 2_1530377027112_Coast (coloured to match shallows).png 1_1530377027112_Caves.png 0_1530377027112_Arctic.png

    If you want to use these for your map feel free. If there is something you need and want them kept in the same look, post a request and I will try to make one for you.


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    @hepps Actually, TripleA used to have a territoryEffects folder in assets at least until Maybe it's time to bring it back...

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    @cernel Perhaps we could just add everything to the POS 2 map.

    I have been thinking for sometime now that we should rename POS2 and create a separate map folder for it to make it a purely fictitious instructional map. If we name it something like "A Map Makers Guide to the Triple A Universe".

    Thus we would not need to front load the code with these kinds of things and that everything a map maker could need would be contained in one map that cannot be mistaken as a legit competitive playable game. Then only people whom have an interest in map making will need to down load it.

    Additionally the map folder would be an ideal place to show-case ALL the different things that can be done in a map... all the folders, Txt files, etc etc. Then we could also place instructional files PDF, pics, links and instructions for the repository etc etc that guide a person through the map making process.

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    @cernel Although if you want to make these the default terrain effects icons for Triple A I am also fine with that.

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    Here is another set of resources for any map maker who wishes to use them...

    34_1530890274804_yellowTright.png 33_1530890274804_yellowTleft.png 32_1530890274804_yellowT50right.png 31_1530890274804_yellowT50left.png 30_1530890274804_yellowright.png 29_1530890274804_yellowPright.png 28_1530890274804_yellowPleft.png 27_1530890274804_yellowP50right.png 26_1530890274804_yellowP50left.png 25_1530890274804_yellowleft.png 24_1530890274804_yellow50right.png 23_1530890274804_yellow50left.png 22_1530890274804_starright.png 21_1530890274804_ringright.png 20_1530890274804_ringleft.png 19_1530890274803_redTright.png 18_1530890274803_redTleft.png 17_1530890274803_redright.png 16_1530890274803_redPright.png 15_1530890274803_redPleft.png 14_1530890274803_redleft.png 13_1530890274803_pentright.png 12_1530890274803_pentleft.png 11_1530890274803_greenTright.png 10_1530890274803_greenTleft.png 9_1530890274803_greenT50right.png 8_1530890274803_greenT50left.png 7_1530890274803_greenright.png 6_1530890274803_greenPright.png 5_1530890274803_greenPleft.png 4_1530890274803_greenP50right.png 3_1530890274803_greenP50left.png 2_1530890274803_greenleft.png 1_1530890274803_green50right.png 0_1530890274802_green50left.png

    These are unit Icons set up with right and left versions to accommodate left and right facing unit images. (So that the icon is to the right or left side of the unit image based on which direction the unit faces)

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    @hepps Why is it I think you are teaching us Professor?

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    @prastle More showing... rather than teaching.

    what was it the Honourable Sir Winston Churchill said..."I am always willing to learn although I do not always like to be taught."

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    @hepps gigglez very true

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    Here is some more stuff for resources... I will continue to add more as I do them.

    33_1531239906217_Wood 48 (with axe).png 32_1531239906217_Wood (single log)  20.png 31_1531239906217_Wheat 48.png 30_1531239906217_Wheat 20.png 29_1531239906217_Supplies 48.png 28_1531239906217_Supplies 20.png 27_1531239906217_Suicide (simplified) 48.png 26_1531239906217_Suicide (simplified) 20.png 25_1531239906217_Stone 48.png 24_1531239906217_Stone 20.png 23_1531239906217_Steel 48.png 22_1531239906217_Steel 20.png 21_1531239906217_Research2.png 20_1531239906217_Research.png 19_1531239906217_Research(simplified) 20.png 18_1531239906217_Research 48.png 17_1531239906217_Research 32.png 16_1531239906217_PUs 48.png 15_1531239906216_PUs 32.png 14_1531239906216_PUs 20.png 13_1531239906216_PUs (matching) 48.png 12_1531239906216_PUs (matching) 20.png 11_1531239906216_PUs (ancient) 48.png 10_1531239906216_PUs (ancient) 20.png 9_1531239906216_Oil (simplified) 48.png 8_1531239906216_Oil (simplified) 20.png 7_1531239906216_Manpower 48.png 6_1531239906216_Manpower 20.png 5_1531239906216_Leadership 48.png 4_1531239906216_Leadership 20.png 3_1531239906216_Gold 48.png 2_1531239906216_Gold 20.png 1_1531239906216_Food 48.png 0_1531239906215_Food 20.png

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    8_1531240323241_Stone 48.png 7_1531240323241_Stone 20.png 6_1531240323241_Smithy 32.png 5_1531240323241_Pus.png 4_1531240323241_Political Influence 32.png 3_1531240323241_Iron ore 48.png 2_1531240323241_Food (complex) 48.png 1_1531240323241_Diplomacy 48.png 0_1531240323241_Corn 48.png

  • Good stuff here. Slightly off topic. I'm trying to make the PUs for the global game look kick ass like redrum did for the unit numbers. Unfortunately I failed badly and deleted my attempt. Hopefully it's gone forever and not in some sort of ethernet purgatory.

    Checked out TWWs bad ass looking stuff and thought I'd use those, but when I replace the "PUs" folder all i get is a black number. Tried again just replacing the PU "1" and it didn't show up at all. It shows up as a little dot that you can't see compared to the existing one. Idk why that is but ...

    Got Iron war's to work but wasn't the right look.

    Anyway , I know you have plenty going on, but if you're into it:


    Also would be cool to have the heppster "Rock On " image as a flag. I have the neutral red cross one from global that I'm using now.

    Feature request I guess. You're a developer too : )

    I know I should try and figure this out myself but I'm still struggling with xml, github and computer stuff in general. Weak excuse i know : )

    At any rate, Rock on

    Peace Out

    Oh yea, TWW got a "Atta Boy" on the lobby today : )

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    @beelee TWW PU markers are imbedded in the relief images. 🙂 So they don't exist as a conventional PU image.

    I would be happy to make a set for you though.

    Did you want the exact same style as I created for TWW?

  • @hepps thanks for the reply Hepps. Was thinking just a darker outline for the existing global ones similar to what redrum did with the unit numbers.

    I think the TWW ones would look cool but can't say for sure without being able to see them together. If it's not a lot of work though, it would be cool to have, I think. Others might want to use it.


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    @beelee I'll do 2 samples... then you can review and sign the contract for the full set. 🙂

  • @hepps heh heh : ) Thanks Brother !

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    @beelee No problem... figure if the code developers can improve the engine... there might as well be a map developer who helps the map makers improve the maps.

    Especially since I can't do what they do. 🙂 Otherwise I'm just a "cone de l'orange" 0_1531329447670_cone de lorange.png

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    @hepps rofl 🙂

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    @prastle You laughing at my cone de l'orange?

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    @hepps Si Monsieur "Pilon". 😉

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    @prastle I knew you'd appreciate that one.