Some bugs...

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    In short, I'd like to write list:

    I these are TripleA engine bugs/problems, I saw similar problem with some other maps too, but last time I'm playing Dragon War, so I decided to write on both threads.

    1. When you want to upgrade unit (village to small town, small town to town) and if you cancel this action you will be unable to place any upgrade at all in this turn, even if you undo last moves. The only solution I'm using is to reload the game or build village anywhere first, then upgrading is unblocked... for a time... Sometimes it happens with no reason at all. There is not option for upgrade at all, even if you have everything needed. Sometimes the only hope is to use "edit mode" to fix problems.

    And... when you want to update town and you are placing units in the same region window shows that you can place 2 units (you have factory producing one unit and this factory can be upgraded and you have the upgrade, for example), in fact you can place only one unit and one upgrade. I understand why, but still - this is annoying and causes errors every time you make mistake.

    In most "classic" AAA games similar problem happens, even without any "visible" upgrades. When I want to place some units in a region, sometimes window shows me that I can place 7 units, but factory and region value is only six... and I can place only 6. If I try 7 or click "buy max" (it makes it 7 too) I have annoying error. Especially annoying, because I'm using "buy all" very often. I don't remember exact title, because I usually play different games and different versions everyday.., but this bug shows in most games if not all. Problem is - I cannot find reason for it and/or my previous action which could possibly be the reason.

    Another, bigger problem is with moving multiple type units onboard multiple type naval transports. For example you can find this problem in Caribbean Trade War or any game which uses transport of different capacities. Units "do not fit" to fleet or you have note saying that "there is not enough space", even if there is too much space. The only way is to place manually every unit on every ship. I understand the problem, but there is a problem with the algorithm.

    Thank you all for the TripleA game!

    All The Best,

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    The two issues are engine and not map related as I see it. If not, someone please correct me 🤔

    I think I have experienced the build issue. Its complicated, and I have just learned to live with it. As I see it, it's fine that an upgrade also counts as a build. But I would sleep just as good if it did not count as a build 😁

    In regards to the fleet "not having room" but in reality having room (if units are rearranged on the ships), I also sometimes think it is annoying. But on the other hand, there are probably some reasons for the system being as it is. (?)

  • @frostion said in Some bugs...:

    Yes, I think I can live with problems and do things manually, but annoying things which force me to edit game every turn is annoying, but.. I can live with it. 😉 But.. I'd love to see game better and better. I guess answer for transport problems is easy: placing automatically all units and guessing what we whant (by default TripleA tends to do things I do not like to do.. 😉 - first ship moved, by default is the empty one, when moving units into transports game prefer to place units on the smallest ships first and so on). 😉

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    1. Unit Placement Window - The problem is the engine doesn't handle each of the different type of unit placement (infra, upgrades, regular, etc) separately and just gives a total max number in the placement window. It tends to try to be conservative in the place window then perform full validation once you select the units. Improvements could be made but its fairly complex.

    2. Transport Loading - If you load one transport at a time then you should have no problems. The engine makes a best effort if you select multiple units and multiple transports to fit everything but this is a NP Hard problem and once you get past a handful of transports/units the problem space explodes so it is very difficult to try all combinations:

  • @redrum Yup, I understand this. However - it's still a bit annoying, especially if you have dozens of units. But, I can live with it... Probably it's problem known for years now. And probably we all are doing the same - packing units one by one. 😉

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    @comr loading trprts 1 at time works best. You can also load all of your 1 trprt only units, tanks and stuff, then all the inf. Doesn't always work but usually a little faster

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