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    A Song of Ice and Fire

    Originally by Kor438
    Updated by redrum

    Original map thread:

    ASoIaF Issues

    • Needs updated to TripleA 1.9
    • Should create github repo and add to TripleA downloads once fixed

    Game of Thrones

    Originally by Al
    Updated by Redrum, Wc_sumpton, and Maquis

    Original map thread:
    Discussion on fixing bugs:

    GoT Issues

    GoT Suggestions

    • Unit images are poor
    • Territories are too big and could be split up a bit more
    • Could use a 2 alliance version so its easier to play with less players
    • Decrease overall territory production by half rounding up

  • @wc_sumpton There is another slightly improved version that you have called "A Song of Ice and Fire".

    This would be a good scenario to revisit once the series ends. This scenario needs alliances, maintenance costs, limits on building unusual units. Look at Greyhawk Wars for the right way to do fantasy in TripleA,

  • While poking around at GitHub I seen a couple 'Bug Reports' about this map. There seemed to be some answers given for the 'Bugs' but no correction made. I placed a pull request for the 'polygons.txt' file and a new xml with corrected connections a couple days ago.

    Another thing are there are no notes or unit information listed for the player. There is a copy also on @RogerCooper site, it also has the same problems as the one on GitHub.


    Just for show...

    Yes I have seen that one and have located and downloaded a copy. It uses the same map (almost, some territories added and a bit bigger). Also someone at one time tied to add walls, tech and politics to this map (it was called v2.0).

    My first thought was to clean up the original, I have made no gameplay changes. Then I was going to look over v2.0. With the engine improvements both map may be able to be combined into a single xml. If not, then it will be a mod for this map.

    Because ASoIaF has map changes I was going to leave that for last as a separate map.

    Those are my plans. Wish me luck.


    P.S. I hope that I am not stepping on your toes doing this. I know there is a link to this map on your web site. It just seemed like a fun project!☺

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    @wc_sumpton would be a nice project to see done with an eye for detail. Excited to see what you come up with.

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    @wc_sumpton Really looking forward to this. I think this game should play the best Feudal Japan style (true FFA, 1 power per player, rest to AI), especially now that the AI is decent (much better situation than when the map was originally made).

    You should be able to find the original author username in the old developer forum. I clearly recall he was there.

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    @wc_sumpton Original Author: Al

  • @wc_sumpton Can you post here as an attachment the xml for Game of Thrones 2.0. I don't have that in my files.

  • Still here and still working on this map. I have created an issue in GitHub to request ownership.
    Thing that I have been working on...

    1. Recreating the map.
      I am thinking about enlarging it 50% or 100%, making the rivers more distinct and using them as borders to detour crossings and create more bottlenecks for combat.

    2. A three tiered military system for the Westeros kingdoms.
      Trained Units - Expensive only recruitable at castles gives support to Levy Units.
      Levy (Untrained) Units - Cheep from forts
      Mercenary Units - Middle costing, don't work well with trained units.

    Sorry for the delays RL has stepped in. Hopefully more to come!


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    @wc_sumpton I'm thinking that this map, especially since a big FFA, may well benefit from a relatively minor and simple upkeep cost system, like the one of House of Habsburg (that I'm playing right now in lobby). I played several games of this in the past, and late on the stacks tended to become a bit crazy, even tho playing with AI (all non human players to AI) helps a lot keeping down the stacks (but this is mostly because the AI is not FFA behaving).
    Anyways, since you cannot demobilize units, upkeep costs need to be a small portion of the production costs (like in HoH).

  • @cernel
    Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely keep upkeep cost in mind.


  • @wc_sumpton How is the scenario coming along?

  • @rogercooper Still working on it. Going slowly because RL and now RDR2 has arrived, slower still. I hope to show a new map soon though.

    Thank you @RogerCooper for your interest.


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    I'm reviving this thread and making it the official map thread. I've updated the first post and we can collect a list of remaining issues and suggestions here.

    @RogerCooper @wc_sumpton It appears there are other versions of this map (2.0, ASoIaF). I'd prefer to just focus our efforts on improving 1 version. Which do you think is the best one? And what are the major differences?

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    Started one in lobby now, we'll see how it goes. Off the cuff, I'm very annoyed at the new tooltips for support info, and surely prefer how it worked back the old times, but I'll be more specific in that thread, since it is not a map fault. Also I don't like that the units don't repair; I know there are the options, but I fear that if I check those then they are overpowered/underpriced. Repair is not really an option, in the moment the price is the same, as it adds a lot of value to the unit (so there is no way the unit can be balanced in both cases).

  • @redrum said in Game of Thrones - Official Thread:

    I'm reviving this thread and making it the official map thread. I've updated the first post and we can collect a list of remaining issues and suggestions here.

    @RogerCooper @wc_sumpton It appears there are other versions of this map (2.0, ASoIaF). I'd prefer to just focus our efforts on improving 1 version. Which do you think is the best one? And what are the major differences?

    I suggest GoT. ASolaF needs fixes even to be functional.

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    @RogerCooper I recall ASoIaF was just the old way Game of Thrones was called, so just an old version of it, unless it is something else with the same name, or I don't remember correctly.

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    @Cernel I was Martell, and the other players were Lannister and Stark, rest to HardAI. As I recalled, the AI is no joke in this one, so the game was rather brief. The other two players got seriously contained by the AI, and considered that they were in no position to aim at winning the game, so I got it by surrender. None of us ever actually fought each other, only against the AI.

    As per FFA with AI, players like Martell or Targaryen have a huge advantage for the simple fact of being at the borders, thus having their back safe, aside from a few sea borne invasions.\

    Have some things to say on units balance, but I would like to be able to actually se who is supporting what, before making a general analysis. I'll ask for a fix on this issue elsewhere.

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    For what little I'm reading at the moment about Game of Thrones, this game should have no capitals. Surprised nobody pointed that out. That would be an easy change, and probably would make gameplay more varied and possibly balanced.

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    @wc_sumpton said in Game of Thrones - Official Thread:

    Here you are sir:


    I believe the latest linked upload of Game_of_Thrones_v2 was made back before, thus being playable with, at this post:

    Did you update your upload yourself for (attatchment to attachment etc.)?
    And why is it a mod of "game_of_thrones", using that map as skin (instead of "Game_of_Thrones_v2"), thus missing several units images and other skin elements. Did you change the mapName from "Game_of_Thrones_v2" to "game_of_thrones" yourself, and why? Did you overlook this game is not a mod of "game_of_thrones", but needs its own skin (albeit it doesn't crash using the "game_of_thrones" one), or am I missing something?

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