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    @Greg-Anderson I suggest you go with 72x72 then: don't scale them down. 72x72 will be fine, just a bit cut. The "place" coordinates can be redone to have a fair amount of overlapping, if any.

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    @Greg-Anderson said in Game of Thrones & A Song of Ice and Fire - Official Thread:

    @Cernel Thanks for the advice.

    I just wanted to mention that all the units apart from the units of House Greyjoy

    The units other than Greyjoy look much better.

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    @Greg-Anderson If you give me your definitive base image (png) and "center" file (txt) I can provide you (here) with a good "place" (txt) for 72x72 pixels images, that you can just download and add to your map folder. It would be a bit of work, so only in case you would be positive about having and going with all images at 72x72 pixels dimension. I would do it so that all images overlap with each other within the same zone of up to 16 pixels on each axis (it's fine).

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    @Greg-Anderson This map renovation looks very promising 🙂 I like the art. But I have a little issue with the type of shadows used. It seems like it is plain untransparent mono-color grey color. Is that right? If so, it should be no problem removing all the shadows (before image shrinking) and adding new more realistic or better looking shadows. I am sure we are a few who could give tips on how to do this. Unless you are totally fine with the current shadows 😉

  • @Cernel Thanks for your offer to help. I was testing unit sizes and I found that 60x60 is a great size to see the units clearly and not have them crowd the map.

    You were right that 50x50 was too small.

  • @Frostion I currently think the shadows fit their purpose, but they could certainly be improved eventually.

    However, I currently want to work more on the unit stats and get support and unit targetting added. I am eager to get this map playable, so I am leaving some nonessential details for the end.

    But again, thanks for the suggestion.

  • I'll repost all the art in 60x60 form later. I also plan on getting the new stats done.

    So stay tuned.😁

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    @Greg-Anderson You don't need units being 100% their dimensions on the map, either. So, instead of having 60x60 px units, you can have up to 120x120 px units, and setting a 50% unit zoom in map properties. However, TripleA is devised for 48x48 px units. Therefore, while bigger sizes are supported, they are not so hoptimized. Even if you can zoom an image better than TripleA, if you have images that are 72x72 pixels and you want to have them as 60x60 pixels on the board, I would still suggest leaving the images at 72x72 pixels and using the units.scale setting in map properties, to shrink them on the board.

  • @Cernel Ah okay, I will try that. Thanks for explaining, as I am still new to map modifying.

  • Alright, I have the unit stats finished. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    I have not done the targeting or support yet.TripleA.pdf

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    @Greg-Anderson Seems like a decent start. A few thoughts:

    1. Not sure you want build limits on that many units as it'll be hard to keep track of for players.
    2. I think you are probably under valuing multi-move units.
    3. That's a lot of multi-HP units so you'll need to think about repair rules.

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    @Greg-Anderson Not sure if you are planning something special, but , just looking at the first 3 units in the list, the combination of Swordsman and Bowman would make Spearman worthless.

    You could have 1 Swordsman and 1 Bowman at total cost 7, that is off/def 2/3 per hitpoint like the Spearman, but at 0.5 less cost and also more efficient since you can take out what you need the least. Nobody (good) would buy any Spearman, with those stats.

    EDIT: Of course, if you are planning some supports, like Bowman being able to support either Swordsman or Spearman, that might get the Spearman back. And, of course, I realize there will be territory effects, and other things.

  • @Cernel The thing is that not all powers will have access to swordsmen and bowmen. I separated the units into 4 groups, with each power having access to two units in the first three groups and one in the fourth group.

    Basically, the first group contains fodder units. Each power will have access to only two fodder units, which means that a power will not have a spearman, bowman, and swordsman.

    Group 2 has mid-range units while group 3 has elite units that have a maximum build limit.

    Each power will also have a leader type unit, which has a build limit of 3.

    I assume that not all units will be used to the same extent, but I believe that they will force players to decide on a different strategy depending on their chosen power.

  • @redrum Thanks for the feedback.

    1. I wanted to have a build limit only for elite units and leader units. I wanted to avoid players over-purchasing leader units, so I added a build limit. I wanted to keep some accuracy, but I realize it is probably best to have all leader units at 3 max builds and elite units at 10 max builds. Or we can just keep max builds for leader units only and remove them for elite units to avoid overcomplicating things.

    2. I was trying to check how units were previously valued for this map. Especially since national objectives will probably be removed to avoid complications, I wanted to make sure units were not overpriced.

    3. Yeah, I will probably change it so only the leader units have 2 HP. Maybe I'll give the dragons 3 HP and raise their costs.

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    @Greg-Anderson said in Game of Thrones & A Song of Ice and Fire - Official Thread:

    Especially since national objectives will probably be removed to avoid complications


  • Sorry for not posting in a while. I'm currently quite busy. I'll post again when I finish the units, as there are a few things to iron out.

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