Rules/Notes for A&A Global 1940 (all editions)

  • I'm a bit confused. According to the notes that come with Global 1940 map, there is this section:

    General rules for all A&A games that the engine does not do but you must follow:

    and further down is the following statement:

    (PE) Transports can only be loaded in 1 phase (not both), and unloaded in 1 phase (not both).

    What exactly is this referring to? If it is in reference to loading, moving then unloading, then the rules say that can be done and the engine allows this too.
    Any clarification would be appreciated.

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    @scousemart This refers to Combat Move Phase / Noncombat Move Phase.
    By the rules the processes you mention can only be done in one of these phases of the same turn, never in both.

  • @panther Thanks for your clarification.
    However, I tried to do what the rule/note said couldn't be done and it can't be done anyway, so I'm curious why this rule/note is there, unless the issue has since been resolved and the engine been updated to prevent such a move. If this is the case, then that note should be removed so as not to confuse other players (like me 😂 ).
    To be honest, the rule/note is rather vague anyway, hence why I asked. 😉

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    @scousemart It is always possible that issues mentioned in the game notes might have been fixed in the meantime.

    But concerning this issue you can easily reproduce the flaw in Global when for example you can bring an Infantry from Germany to the transport in SZ 114 during Combat Move Phase - and another one for example from Poland during Noncombat Move Phase. Clear violations of the rules, but incorrectly possible in TripleA.
    There may be other related scenarios of course.

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