Revised Tournament of Champions Season 13 (ToC 13)

  • panpal (allies) defeats GeneraluddeU (Axis +8). in a game played online. Germany placed the bid in Egypt and bought a carrier to strengthen the Baltic fleet. Allies managed to retake Africa quickly while Russia was pressing Germany from the east. Us invested heavily in fighters to threaten the Baltic and the med fleet which was also reinforced with a carrier. On the other side of the board, Japan was making progress but it wasn't fast enough to threaten Moscow. Finally, allies tighten the grip on Germany and my opponent decided to surrender. Thanks to GeneraldudeU for a fast an fun game! 0_1536005636589_toc_13_gerneraldude_vs_panpal.tsvg

  • sol (axis +10) lost to wasp in 5 rounds (pbem) of a very fast KGF. Allies quickly took over africa and stacked Ukraine. In the meanwhile, Axis accomplished nothing, taken by surprise by very focused moves of all three allies focused on med and africa. Axis surrendered seeing no way out. 0_1536083374595_Wasp vs. Sol_5_Russia.tsvg Thanks Wasp, I learned quite a bit.

  • Tulkas (allies) over NastyNate52 (axis +9) surrender in R3. There was a bit of bad luck and misuse of ships by Japan in R1 that enabled the US to go Pacific and have and have an advantage that would have been tough for Japan to counter.

  • Frank-the-tank lost to Comorv

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    @Gonz Defeats @AdamF
    TOC 13, Gonz outlasts AdamF in 17 round battle.
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  • sol (axis +9, WR, UKR, LIB) defeats Nardawgg in 19 rounds.0_1536357927175_nard.tsvg. Thanks Nardawgg, it was a lot of fun.

  • Mogulrunnin (allies) defeats Eboy82 (axis) in 10 rounds. This was mostly decided in round 1 as the Brits were near perfect in defense and offense for the whole round. This delayed the Japanese forces quite significantly. Germany made a fantastic push for Caucasus, but the Japanese had not recovered enough to support, and the Germans fell a few units short. It was very close, but they then had to collapse into the homeland. Allies enjoyed a significant luck advantage! Thanks for great game!

  • Allies def Axis (9) in round 16
    A perfect storm had hit and stunned Russia in the very first round!!! By the time Germany had placed their forces, Germany owned Caucus, had untouchable stacks in Ukraine and Karelia, and wiped out all of Russia’s air force. Russia found itself in the most desperate of circumstances. UK came to Russia’s aid at great cost and by Rd 4 the German/Russian front had stabilized into a territory trade war. But a new threat was coming from the East as the Japanese Empire had amassed a huge army coming through Siberia.
    The one bright spot was that USA fought off the Afrika corps in Africa and controlled the Med early on. This probably kept Germany near its home base while UK and Russia (still without an air force) mounted a defense against Japan. Slowly the USA and Russia built up and gained ground towards Berlin. When they were in a position to double tap Germany out of the game, the axis made an honorable surrender.
    The axis fought very well for someone with little “revised” experience and with just a little more push and keeping Rommel from his “vacation” in the early rounds could have easily put them in the winning column. Kudos to Handsome and good luck in the rest of the tourney!

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    Eboy82 (Allies) defeats Quartermaster (Axis+7) by surrender in round 12. Germany was heavy on fighters, but were contained to holding only Germany as allied forces stacked EE very early on. This was the scenario until the final rounds when Japan came closer with tanks, this made UK + Russia retreat to east, while USA changed to full focus on pacific campaign. The critical point came when Japan allowed the majority of its tanks to be attacked by a stronger Russian army in Kazakh. Thanks for Quartermaster for the game in lobby - well played.0_1536538494339_quartermaster(allies)_toc.tsvg

  • Blasherke (Allies) defeats JeffSchultz32 in round 7 (axis surrender).

    Germany started off by a difficult start, following the loss of almost all Luftwaffe in round 2. Japan rolled on westward fastly and furiously, and was able to threaten Moscow. However, at the cost of precious US and UK forces, Russia was able to hold and Berlin got surrounded in round 7, causing the Axis to surrender.

    Thanks, JeffSchultz for a fun and quick game!

  • Keep me posted for next time!

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    @jbwood53 - sure, no problem. Thanks for inquiring.

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    Received an email from @King-Kelly versus his game with @ingcameroni :


    ING won with Axis 9, very good game by Axis with ship strategy and some dice luck in the beginning. The the Jap tanks rolled towards Russia, to seal the deal. Very nice strategy and well played by ING. Congrats!


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    @deltium Should the "sign up" request in lobby be removed, at this point?

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    @Cernel - yes, definitely, could you please remove? Thanks for noting that.

  • @deltium ..... tnks for the game to King!!... very good player!!!

  • LouisXIVXIV (Axis, 8 ) defeats Valter (Allies). The game was played in 3-4 live sittings and lasted to G6, whereat Valter threw in the towel. I think it was a reasonable assessment; the board didn't have particularly exciting features, but German and Japanese income was quite healthy, Russia had few units, and Allies were a bit boxed out. My strategy for the next few rounds would have been very straightforward - G builds and begins to move on russia; J keeps USA at bay while pushing stacks on russia, and there wasn't any clear way to stop that simple march by that point in the game. The last straw came after Russia had some bad luck in light trading in Ukraine, leaving a relatively undefended Caucasus open for capture. GG Valter and good luck in the rest of the tourney.

  • NastyNate52 (allies) defeats Frank the Tank (axis 9) by surrender following UK8. Britain built an Egyptian factory UK1, Germany countered with a naval purchase but was unable to take the complex. The US kept Japan busy and was eventually able to take the money islands which was the last straw.

    Good game @frank-the-tank !!!


  • Comorv defeats Tulkas. GG Tulkas!

  • Jeffschultz32 defeats Dirty_Tripitz. America made a Pacific fleet and put the scare into Japan, but Germany was able to push through the Russian steel curtain for the win.

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