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    Welcome to the Official Thread of The Rising Sun Variant - vXXX

    The mission of this thread is to bring together The Rising Sun Variant vXXX players who share the following objectives:

    • Having fun with TripleA

    • Promoting further interest and development of this TRS Variants mod

    • Engaging in civilized discussion and record-keeping in the name of friendly competition

    • Providing a hub to find other like-minded TRS Variants players

    A post to our community!

    @SneakingCoward (mod creator, thread admin)
    @VicVictory (thread admin)


    v3 Variant of The Rising Sun (original map created by Sieg)

    Mod created by @sneakingcoward / Suggestions welcome to

    Game is continuously played by PBEM.

    Gamers state, that it is one of the best games listed at the depot.


    The Rising Sun Variant vXXX includes 1 mod of The Rising Sun

    • The Rising Sun - vXXX ... (with Japan as 3 parties Yamamoto, Hisaichi, Masaharu)

    b.) RULE SET

    The Rising Sun - vXXX mod uses a combined v2 + v3 rule set.

    Version rule set in general

    • Subs can sneak attack. That means they can pass an enemy occupied sea zone and attack the next (an enemy destroyer prevents/blocks a sneak attack).

    Specific Version 2 rule set

    • Submarines can submerge after first attacker/defender roll dice. Thus an attacking fighter still has the chance of hitting a sub before it is able to submerge. Enemy destroyers stop subs from submerging.

    Specific Version 3 rule set

    • Sea transports do not defend. Neither can they be selected as casualties. They are just lost if enemy wins the sea zone. For example a bomber can defeat an infinite amount of unguarded transports.

    • Submarines can submerge before any roll. So an attacking fighter has no chance of hitting a submarine, unless a destroyer prevents it from submerging.

    • ListenpunktBombers during strategic bombing do not destroy enemy PUs, but do damage structures. Enemy will have to spend PU to repair structures.
      Please find detailed information regarding rules & specific unit capabilites in the relevant notes tab inside the game.


    The Rising Sun - vXXX ... mod includes units/features, as follows:

    • Paratroopers
    • Trains
    • Air+Sea+Land transports, also landing boats, generally proper transport concept
    • Construction units
    • Ability to destroy structures with strategic bombing raid (SBR)
    • SBR on ships
    • SBR on several land units
    • Fighter scrambling with radar
    • Fighter can also do SBR to train, radar, construction and not intercepted planes.
    • AntiAir (AA) separated to combat (hit 1 of 6) and strategic bombing raid (hit 1 of 12) AntiAir
    • Airbase enables full range for planes
    • Destroy structures at a retreat
    • Fighter escorting+intercepting and air battle before regular battle
    • Battle rounds limitation
    • Multiple hit-point units
    • Compact turn order, which combines axis & allies parties and is therefore ideal for PBEM
    • Change unit owners from Britain/USA towards Russia/China and Russia towards China
    • Fuel consumption for production and movement, incl. Refineries
    • Recruits as a resource and precondition to build units

    d.) HINTS & TIPS

    Due to a wide range of possibilities this mod is more suitable for experienced players (typical rounds 30).

    Specially the supply strategy is crucial in this mod regarding air+sea+land transport units.

    The combination of all possible features enables almost a real handling of warfare.

    The fuel mod opens a totally new strategy setup. Big unit groups require a huge fuel amount. Therefore use your fuel wisely.

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    Axis vs Allies. Who will be victorious?
    Good to know: TURN ORDER in The Rising Sun Variant vXXX

    Addendum: Axis nations go first, Allies go second.

    0_1535307934906_Turn order TRS.jpg

    Yamamoto - Hisaichi - Masaharu - Thai

    Chinese - Dutch - Russians - British - Anzac - Americans

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    @vicvictory So do all the Axis players go first in this? Cause that's the way it reads.

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    @hepps That's the way it goes. I'll add this information piece to our thread.

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