[Open] SBR bombers in Global 1940 2nd Ed

  • I'm wondering about the OOB rules and the TripleA implementation of SBR against Factories.
    The OOB rule is:

    After resolving the antiaircraft fire, surviving bombers each roll one die. Add 2 to each die rolled for a strategic bomber (but not for tactical bombers), then total the results.

    And the rules for heavy bombers (when obtained through a tech advance) is:

    When attacking, whether in battle or a strategic bombing raid, roll two dice for each bomber and select the best result.

    As far as I can tell, TripleA doesn't add 2 to the each die roll (normal bombers). However it does obey the two dice rule for heavy bombers (as long as LHTR Heavy Bomber box in map options is checked).

    So my question is, is there a fault in TripleA (engine/map) and if so is it something that can be fixed?

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    @scousemart I cannot reproduce this:

    Please see:
    1_1536593535986_br2.PNG 0_1536593535985_br.PNG

    As you can see +2 are added.
    Can you reproduce your issue? If yes, please provide a savegame.

  • @panther Right, I can see what you mean. I tried a bombing raid with just one bomber and was expecting to see a die and then the amount of two added to the die. For example the test I ran showed a die roll of 5. I assumed that was the die and therefore was expecting a total of 7. I didn't realise that the die shown already had 2 added.
    I tried another bombing run with 3 bombers and it showed 7, 5 & 4 (one was shot down).
    Of course I can now see there isn't a problem but it is a bit confusing when you see a die that's less than 6 and you think that is the actual die roll without the 2 added.
    I suppose changing this show the actual die and then show the total with the added 2 would be possible or would it neither be desirable?

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    What you get visualized here is the damage per die, indeed. As the results are all between 3 and 8 you can be sure that the rule is implemented correctly, so I am not sure what an added value a more detailled presentation would have here (though I am sure that it would be possible).
    By the way, when playing by forum or playing by email, you will get the "pure" dice results (without the +2) by email, sent by the dice server.

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    Moving to Bug Reports (no matter if valid).

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