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    @redrum i mainly stick to the stable releases these days is there a mac build or do i have to do it myself?

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    @redrum i'll check it out can it play global or should i try a simpler map?

  • @redrum Alright you want some feedback, here it finally is (hadn't tested the AI in almost a year I bet lool)!!!

    so I battled the AI on the WWIIClassic map as always and I battled the stable release 1 time and got rocked by the Allies AI even though I thought I was in it for the first 12 rounds but then got overwhelmed by American troops and gave up after my German capitol fell and Japan had no chance so I gave up maybe round 18

    THEN, LaFayette pointed out the latest AI update releases to test so duh I downloaded the 2.0.17997 release and played against the Allies AI over the last 2 nights and beat it in 48 rounds BUT there was 4 errors that a pop-up window asked me to report to Triple A so I did and there may be problems since I was totally floored that at the start of the game THE RUSSIAN AI DID NOTHING!!!

    ... redrum, if you read the game log, at the Russia AI's first turn it says some weird message about triggers and then the Russia AI only did moves and placing its purchases but it didn't attack anything!

    I see the "error" reporting feature gives you 5 free reports and in the describe error part I said what round the error occurred in 3 of the 4 error reports ... one error happened when it was the AI's turn right after I did a kamikaze attack maybe first time ever by my Japan plane around round 12 but the other errors were all when the AI had its turn like around round 25, round 30, and round 35 MAYBE ... the error reports were uploaded so you have to look there I guess

    Oh, with the UI, when you are doing combat moves ... if you want to say move a Tank and then you change your mind and want to click "Undo Move" well that whole area used to be big but its now blocked by those fast buttons below and I tried the only 3 resolutions on my comp that I can and the Combat area is always so small I can barely scroll to the "Undo Move" button and its much slower than when it was a whole big nice area to click on so my question is can I click off those fast button things below the Combat window so I can see the Combat window better since I don't even use those Fast buttons things I've never seen before

    Ok, here's the win vs 2.0.17997 Allies AI release but I think the version is glitched and will wait for redrum's assessment before I battle the 2.0.17997 Axis AI.

    Despite the nothing move for the Russia AI to start the game it was tough to beat and I hadto buy Japan Bombers all game long to keep the Allies AI Navy from getting too big;


    Oh by the way, the game still played no problem after each error window popped up 4 times (thats not including the Russian AI lack of move 1st turn)

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    @Captain-Crunch Wow, 48 rounds!

    Hmm that is pretty strange for Russia turn 1. They should almost always attack something at least the German navy and usually Ukraine. I ran 5 quick test games of just russia turn 1 and every time the Hard AI attacked those 2 and sometimes Manchuria. Here is an example: Russia1.tsvg

    Its possible there was some kind of error or that the AI hit some kind of weird edge case or something. Can you try just starting a new game against the Allies AI again to make sure it isn't happening every time for you?

    Thanks for reporting the errors and you can see your reports here (this is a new reporting feature): A few of them we are aware of and need to fix before putting out a new stable release but we'll take a look at them all. I think most of them are harmless errors and shouldn't impact the game or the AI play.

    Thanks for the UI feedback as well and I'll highlight that over in the unit scroller thread. Its a new feature that allows you to scroller through all your unmoved units (can be helpful especially on very large maps).

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    @redrum so should i try global or a simpler map?

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    @ubernaut Global is generally fine though the AI's diplomacy on the map is fairly limited and has a decent amount of randomness. It also doesn't understand NOs. Other than those 2 limitations it should play fairly well.

    So if you turn off NOs and do war declarations for it then you'll probably have an even better game.

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    @redrum tried it once with ai as axis already and didnt attack france.

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    @redrum another i've noticed in past ai at least on this map is that the ai doesn't seem to understand the effects of ports very well.

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    @ubernaut It didn't attack France at all? That would seem pretty strange. Does that happen frequently?

    Yeah, I believe the AI will use the airfield and port move bonus but I don't think it actively tries to end in a sea zone with a port (I believe it does actively try to land where there are airfields).

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    @redrum well in the past at least it wasn't aware of my range and i only saw it not attack france once wiht the prerelease but i will try it again. 🙂

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    @ubernaut Ok, I believe it should be aware of your range and if not that's a pretty big issue for the map as it would make it very easy to pick off their fleets since they wouldn't see the threat.

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    @redrum i will check it for sure. 🙂

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    @ubernaut Are you the one that reported this error? If so can you describe when it occurred and are you able to reproduce it?

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    started game g40 2nd additiona with ai hard for axis

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    @redrum yeah that was the second time i tried the ai might have changed some of the game options but not 100% sure how i had them set i think i unchecked choose aa casualties, and maybe remove tech tokens (but not use tech :P)

  • @redrum you rock!

    So, I test re-ran the same battle against the Allies AI and this time the Russia AI did attack on its 1st turn -.-

    I'm glad the bugs were minor so I think I will now battle the Axis AI (1st match I will forfeit my 1st Russian attack for fun ... funny irony since the AI just did that vs me previous match hehehehe)

    YES I thought the Russia AI not attacking anything on the 1st round was bizarre and so after I made my post about it I had a thought about it ... so I downloaded the latest AI upgrade prerelease 2.0.17997 because I was playing the stable release version of the game and so the game downloader asks you to update your game to 2.0.17997 and I clicked yes ... well I then ran the game BUT I DIDN'T REDOWNLOAD THE WWIIClassic MAP although it was still in the game folder and I could still play it but I just wondered if not redownloading the WWIIClassic map may have caused that weird glitch? Just my thought.

    Ok, I really should re-battle the Allies AI (it's the toughest scenario to battle against the AI since the Axis AI is easier because its just 2 countries) but I will eventually try for a win vs the latest Axis AI and then post it.

    redrum, thanks for understanding and mentioning my problem with the Combat Window ... it just needs like 2 or 3 more centimetres height or lower those Quick/Fast buttons below it or make it so we can remove those Quick/Fast buttons below the Combat Window.

    I'll post my win vs the latest Axis AI asap

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    @redrum keep getting that error no matter which options i set
    Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 10.37.52 AM.png

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    @ubernaut Yeah, that's a bad error. I'm assuming its happening during the AI's turn? Do you have a save game that can reproduce it?

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    @redrum it happens right away during German purchase phase so there's no auto-save yet.

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    @ubernaut Oh really? On just a brand new G40 game? Does it happen pretty much every time?

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