How possible simultaneous rounds in TripleA?

  • How? Actions by one nation would affect the following nation.

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    Also the board game diplomacy (which also has a "pseudo-clone" map) works this way too.
    It would definitely have a lot of potential.

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    that would break every game

    No, you are wrong. Thousands of person have been playing Castle Vox online and even they pay for every maps. the game is much more inferior and simpler version of Triplea.

    I agree %90 Triplea maps won't work in this way but in big maps it would work perfectly well.

    Yep. People love fog of war or such. Just see how card games with revealed cards in hand are unpopular (almost nobody likes them). People like the suspense.

  • Advantages of simultane round system;

    1. More strategy; In this way you will have to predict your opponent's movements as much as possible.

    2. Joint operations; Separate allies nations will be able to attack anywhere together.

    3. Less stacks: More dynamic game.

    4. Faster game: You won't need to wait your opponent's movements.

    5. Reversibilty: In the current engine you can simply lose the game easily if you are even slighly behind your opponent in terms of TUV or production, but i this way you can reverse the game in every rounds.

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    6. No canopeners: They don't really make sense, in the moment you need another player to open you the way, but cannot do it yourself (also for opening canals before another player can react).

    1. No air reinforce: It doesn't really make sense, as the game forbids you to land in newly conquered, but you can do it with another player (example, in WWII Revised using Japanese air to bolster the defence of what Germans conquer, before Russians go).

    2. No need of disputable special rules about putting allied air on carriers and moving it as cargo.

    3. Closer to realism: Especially for FFA, as there are no reasons why everyone must always go by the same turn order (Feudal Japan Warlords addresses this with alternating turn orders, but that is still gamey and creates substantial alternating partial double turns, that add a lot of complexity and feel strange).

    4. Less time breaks, as you don't have multiple turns per round (mostly relevant for PBEM).

  • Besides from Java, which computer programs should I learn for implementing this feature?What kind of path should I follow?