Global 40 House Rules

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    I know there's not many or if any : ) Global players here, but figured i'd post this in case someone who's interested stumbles across it. : )

    This was originated by Black Elk over at the A&A .org site. While it has morphed into something a little different, the core ideas remain.

    Basically, it adds house rules to the Global 40 game using technologies and map options. There are currently 47 or so, of these.

    These are house rules that experienced A&A players have used over the years. Wanted to add the ability to try them on triplea, hence this thread. : )

    Anyway, if you're interested, it's under "Experimental" "Global 40 House Rules" in "Map Downloads".

  • @beelee I receive the following error when I run this

    Dec 16, 2018 6:08:41 PM games.strategy.engine.framework.ui.DefaultGameChooserEntry fullyParseGameData
    SEVERE: Could not parse:jar:file:/C:/Users/Roger/triplea/downloadedMaps/!/global_1940_redesign_house_rules-master/map/games/Global_40_HouseRules.xml map name: 'jar:file:/C:/Users/Roger/triplea/downloadedMaps/!/global_1940_redesign_house_rules-master/map/games/Global_40_HouseRules.xml', game name: 'Global 1940 House Rules', Unexpected Exception while setting values for attachmentUnitSupportAttachment attached to:UnitType{name=mobile_artillery} with name:supportAttachmentInfantryAndMechInf1
    at games.strategy.engine.framework.ui.DefaultGameChooserEntry.fullyParseGameData(
    at games.strategy.engine.framework.ui.background.BackgroundTaskRunner.lambda$runInBackground$0(
    at games.strategy.engine.framework.ui.background.BackgroundTaskRunner$1.doInBackground(
    at javax.swing.SwingWorker$ Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
    at Source)
    Caused by:$InvalidValueException: failed to set string property value to 'infantry:mech_infantry:'
    ... 15 more
    Caused by: Could not find unitType. name: for: UnitSupportAttachment attached to:UnitType{name=mobile_artillery} with name:supportAttachmentInfantryAndMechInf1
    at games.strategy.triplea.attachments.UnitSupportAttachment.setUnitType(
    ... 17 more

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    @RogerCooper Hi Roger

    Yea it's a little confusing. You want "Global 40 House Rules" not "1940 Redesign" one. That's the one simon made, and thankfully he did as it added the project to github, but there's a map naming error on that one and is why it doesn't work. It's also out of date now.

    @simon33 would you mind deleting the "redesign" one ?

  • I have some house rules that are worth looking at if anyone wants a copy. They incorporate weather, global and political events, espionage bonuses, and country specific technology. The country specific tech would likely be the easiest mod. I am not a coder but I did write these rules and would love to have a way to play these.

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    @seancb yea absolutely seancb. The more the merrier is my philosophy. This will probably be pretty much a never ending project. Especially with all the cool stuff being added by redrum and the guys that triplea can do.

    I still need to cleanup what's already done and undoubtedly some errors will pop up.

    On a side note, how did Degaulle's 1939 mod progress ? I was gonna take a break and see if I could do that next and I remember you had done some work on it.

  • @seancb I can post the house rules in Axis & Allies Wiki. Please post them here.

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    Battle calc question. According to @prastle link text this is where I should ask, I think : )

    Anyway does game history show dice in order of units listed ? For example:

    ![0_1546309436251_Capture.PNG](Uploading 100%) ![0_1546309462455_Capture.PNG](Uploading 100%)
    ![0_1546309539784_Capture.PNG](Uploading 100%)
    well Idk wtf is going on. Says connection to triplea lost and something went wrong while parsing server ...

    Anyway, I had two units that hit at 3 and got two 3's but only one hit. The units were listed in different order than dice as far as matching up. Has it always been this way in history and I just never noticed it ?

    The dice correspond to the units ? The order it's showed ?

    I'll try and fire up the old machine if the pic doesn't show up. Really don't know how people do the windows thing ๐Ÿ™‚

    Figured I better do the at pras thing so this question gets some visibility : )

    Oh I'll try a save game :

    link text

    It's the caucusus battle. Last german turn. Should add an error pops up since I made a change to xml after this game start. Pretty sure that doesn't have any effect though.


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    @prastle nvm figured it out. Sorry to bug. I'm not even drunk yet lol : )


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    @beelee happy New Year Bee ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @prastle Happy New Year ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @beelee Need more Map options! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Great work!

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    @Hepps said in Global 40 House Rules:

    @beelee Need more Map options! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Been slacking but added a few more heh heh ๐Ÿ™‚

    Update to 2.6

    Changes the Battleship AA fire to 1 shot that hits at 1 in 10.

    Added Cruisers Attack at a 4 when paired 1:1 with a Battleship.

    Also adds Planes Target Naval which allows Tac Bombers and Fighters to target Cruisers and Battleships with 1 shot that hits at 2 out of 10 before regular combat.

    And adds Planes Target Carriers which includes Carriers as Targets as well.

    Was talking about Cruisers again with some guys over at A&A .org a few weeks ago and said how I like to give CAs and BBs AA ability.
    Even though I've been doing that for a few years now, it started me thinking some more about it.

    If one sends all planes at a Cruiser that has 2 AA shots then it's regular combat shot, you could lose up to 3 planes in the first rd of combat.
    This is the opposite of all planes against ships historically, so added the ability to have planes target the ships back.
    Seems a good compromise that doesn't give the ships AA fire an undue advantage. Although according to my test games it seemed mostly small or early round battles where Ship AA was most impactful. Thought about it some more and realized the OOB game had the same issue. So the AA abilities and the plane targeting abilities are pretty similar odds wise.
    The idea was to encourage Cruiser buys without adversely affecting other Naval builds, primarily Battleships. With the Cruiser Attack 4 and Battleship AA reduced, I think it should work. However, while I've tested a lot of "situations" I'm still on the first full test game. And, as I've said before, I'm not a real good player, ๐Ÿ™‚ so could be a flawed idea. Hopefully there are enough other Options to counter any unintended advantage. : )

    Unfortunately there is a undesired side effect when "Subs Can Evade Destroyers" is active. The Tac Bombers will now attack at 2 out of 10 on Subs instead of 1 out of 6.
    They also can no longer stack attacks against Subs, which is the bigger disappointment, but one I feel is worth it.
    Their 2 out of 10 attack is slightly stronger than 1 out of 6, so that helps somewhat and the majority of my test games usually don't have multiple Tac attacks on a single Sub.

    Another unwanted side effect was that Subs will also be one of the "Targeted" ships along with the Cruisers, Battleships and Carriers. So if you attack with Tacs and there are Subs present, the defender can use them as fodder if you get a "Targeted" hit. Attack with only Fighters and the Subs aren't an option.

    As I said above, since I'm still on my first test game, Idk if this will be a problem or not. My guess is you will want to protect your CVs with CAs for their AA ability and Subs for fodder and they're pretty good anyways being unblocked.

    DDs are cheaper than subs in the Options I use, so that helps and the Plane targeting should help. Should also encourage multi unit attacks with Destroyers and Escort ASW Carriers because they could kill the Sub/s first and then all Plane attacks would go against the Capital Ships. Hopefully it makes for some interesting tactical decisions anyway : )
    I guess as the Zen Master said

    We'll see ๐Ÿ™‚

    These are the Options I've been using. Added the CA A4 and the Plane Targeting RD 2.

    Option Redesign Notes.txt


    The only thing changed from what you were using is the BB only getting 1 AA shot now.

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    @beelee Ran into a couple things that needed fixing during test game. While at it I redid the math on "Planes Can Target Naval" and decided I had over compensated for the fact that Tac Bmbrs can't stack against Subs, so changed that up.

    Here's what we have now:

    When "Planes Can Target Naval" is activated Tacs and Ftrs will now hit ships at 1 in 8. Ftrs attack has been separated from Tacs so they can do joint attacks against Ships without Subs adversely affecting the battle.

    Before if you attacked with say, 3 Ftrs 3 Tacs against a CA BB CV and 2 SS, the 5 Ships would undergo 5 shots and if you had 2 hits, the Sub could take both hits.

    Now Ftrs attack, if they get any hits the Sub can't take them. Tacs then attack and their hits can be taken by the Sub or the Capital ships.

    Also, Ftrs Target ships at 1 in 12 on defense and Tacs 1 in 8. This is so the Tac can still shoot at Subs on defense when "SubsCanEvadeDestroyers_ChangerMustActivate" is activated.

    Because of that, when "BBandCA_AA" is activated, Cruiser's and BB's AA will work when attacking. They hit at 1 in 12.
    This can make the Battle Window a little busy, but I think one can get used to it fairly easy. Well see.

    Here are the odds of AA and Planes Targeting hits:
    AA _ Planes
    Shots _ % of Hit _ % of Hit
    1 _ 10 _ 12.5
    2 _ 19 _ 23.4
    3 _ 27.1 _ 33
    4 _ 34.4 _ 41.4
    5 _ 40.5 _ 48.7
    6 _ 46.9 _ 55.1
    7 _ 52.2 _ 60.7
    8 _ 57 _ 65.6

    Guess i should figure out how to make a table some day heh heh

    Basically Planes Targeting has a slight advantage over the Ships AA which was what was wanted, as I feel Defensive Fleets tend to have the advantage and Historically Planes were more effective against Ships. It varies depending on the makeup of the forces though and Idk how 2 hit units and Subs will affect things, so we'll see how it shakes out.

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    Updated to 2.639 and added these ideas from simon

    7)German Trade With Russia
    When Deactivated Germany will not receive the Trade with Russia National objective if it has any units in Original Russian Territories.

    Prevents Italy declaring war on Russia and taking control of Russian Territory and having Germany move Units into that territory while not at war with Russia and still able to collect the Trade National Objective.

    8)Russia Spreads Communism In Africa
    When Deactivated Russia will not receive the Spread of Communism National Objective for any Territories Not in Mainland Europe.

    Also Mursilis China rules and some of his other ideas

    9)China M
    Adds the Mursilis China Rules. Changes Chinaโ€™s National Objective to 1 PU for each Burma Road Territory that is Allied controlled. Also allows Artillery builds as long as at least 1 of Burma or India is under Allied control.

    If Chinese Guerrilla Fighters have been activated, they will now only spawn once All Burma Road Territories are under Axis control.

    Note UK Pacific is Allied with China from the start, which allows UK Pacific Units to move into China. This is unintended and will need to be Player Enforced. May be fixed in the future.

    10)China M BM
    When used with the โ€œChina Mโ€ option, Chinese Guerrillas will spawn according to BM Rules .

    11)Italy Controls Original
    Italy receives 3 PUs when it controls all of itโ€™s Original Territories.

    12)USA bonus for North Africa 3 PU
    Reduces the BM North Africa USA bonus to 3. Note You need to turn off the โ€œUSA bonus for North Africaโ€ option or it will show up as well.

    13)Western Europe Beach Head 3 PU
    Reduces the BM Western Europe Beach Head for USA bonus to 3.

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    Air Battle Error

    Just ran into this a couple days ago and haven't been able to diagnose it yet. This the modifed Bomber

    Screenshot from 2019-05-18 20-23-17.png

    What happens is, If Escorts are present and Interceptors get the same number of hits as Bombers, it doesn't give the option to take a Escort as a hit. When fewer hits than Bombers, then it does but sometimes throws this error

    Screenshot from 2019-05-18 20-10-40.png

    The small window can't be closed and I have to manually kill the machine. Was able to catch a glimpse of the error here

    Screenshot from 2019-05-18 17-03-14.png

    Been using this modification for a couple years now and never encountered this. Went as far back as I had previous mods and was still doing it so, kinda strange to me. Think it's probably got something to do with making the Bomber "isInfrastructure" but that was the only way I could make it have a zero combat factor.

    Anyway, I'm gonna continue to try and decipher this, just thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone has run into a similar problem.

    Sorry about the screenshots. Still trying to figure out this new OS. Not that I was any good with the others I've tried : )

    Oh yea tried it on the windows machine and it did the same as linux


    see if this is any better

    Screenshot from 2019-05-18 20-53-44.png

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    @beelee If you change bombers to not be IsInfra does it still happen? Not sure that having strat bombers as isInfra works properly.

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    Thanks for the reply. I'll give it a go, but I don't think I can give the bomber a zero combat factor if I remember right. Is that possible ?

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    Everything seems to work correctly. Not sure what i was thinking, maybe units can't have 0 PU. Heh heh well only I would know and I don't remember.

    Thanks for your help redrum.

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    Now i remember why I had "IsInfrastructure" in there. I don't want the SBR able to have a hit point in regular combat.

    Anybody know if it's possible to have a unit that does strategic bombing but doesn't have a hitpoint ? I don't think you can but a lot has changed since this unit was first designed about 3 years ago.

    What's really surprising is that I never encountered that error in all that time. I'm gonna go through everything yet again and make sure something else isn't also responsible.

    13066 has been out quite a while, so I doubt it's anything that happened there. Guess i'll go back to the very beginning or as far as I can and see what I get.


    Oh yea, so for right now, you have to use edit and not use the bombers as hitpoints. A little bit of a hassle, but not completely unplayable, as usually the Bombers aren't on the front lines.

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    @beelee Not sure. I would recommend testing just that change around IsInfra false vs true. If just changing that makes this error occur then we know the issue and it would probably be a good feature request to allow it.

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