Total World War: December 1941

  • the dice thing seems to be random.

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    @redrum Notifications seem to work fine for me on a mac

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    @RoiEX Ok, thanks.

    @ubernaut Can you try downloading Iron War and checking to see if you see its notifications appear properly. You should see this right after the map starts up:

    If you see that fine then its almost definitely an issue with either your TWW map being corrupted or you having multiple TWW maps. If you don't see that then its probably your TripleA or Java version and you should try removing them and doing a clean install.

  • @redrum well, iron war notifications work fine but i have completely removed and reinstalled tww several times now to no effect. 😕

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    @ubernaut Ok. Have you tried clearing your entire downloadedMaps folder? Then redownloading TWW.

  • @redrum still the same @RoiEX are you sure you are using the latest version of this map? seems like something is def off with those file references since that's what redrum changed in the last version cant be a coincidence.

    is it possible something could be wrong in this thing?Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 7.53.22 AM.png

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    @ubernaut The local.cache file probably has nothing to do with it, more or less recent versions of the engine don't even use this file anymore, so deleting it won't change a thing.
    I'm 100% sure I'm using the latest version of the map, at work I didn't even have the latest version of TripleA installed and the only map I had was 270BC because it's the first entry in the list.
    If you want, I can give you the version just before the change if you want in order to double check.

    There are some things I'm not sure about though, obviously at work I can't just spent an hour trying to reproduce the issue, so everything has to be doable in 5 minutes or less.
    That's why I just checked if some notification showed up correctly, not the specific one referred to above.
    If you give me unambiguous instructions on what to do so I do the exact same thing as you when loading the map (including map and player selection) I could try again on Friday.
    But I doubt that this will change anything because as mentioned earlier @redrum's change should not affect the behaviour at all.

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    @ubernaut Probably you've checked already checked, but I just wanted to make sure there isn't a tww folder in the downloaded maps folder. AFAIK mac os doesn't have a default zip viewer, so double click on the zip automatically extracts it and creates a folder.

  • @RoiEX yeah i only have that when im editing or looking at something i dont leave the unzipped version in there.

  • @RoiEX yeah let me try the previous version i think it was 3002 pretty sure that was working fine and oddly enough the games saved previously in that version were still working fine with this version of tww installed, the problem only started after i tried to start a new 3004 game. which was a pbf game i suppose that's the only other variable, at first that's what i thought was borked.

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    Here you go:
    This link will expire in 14 days, I hope it works, haven't actually tested it 😅

  • @RoiEX so that was actually the same. 😕 i tried reinstalling triplea and also removing the entire triplea folder and redownloading tww. nothing seems to be working.

  • i think allied neutrals can enter Russian territories unrestricted currently.

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    @ubernaut That's probably true. Not sure that the rules are even really clear on how Allied neutrals and Russia/China land restrictions should work.

  • Hi all. This map looks intriguing. It's clearly had a lot of great development but I see one recent post opining that the balance is currently strongly pro-Allies. Is that the case? Should I therefore avoid the map till the next tweak?

    Also, I see in the manual that I should set the Neutrals to EasyAI - is that still the case in v3? For some reason, the Neutrals revert to Human each time I reload - is that a bug?

  • A small request: pls can the players/resources summaries show Axis and Allied totals?

  • The manual says AT has 3 Def and that can be improved +1 twice with Tech. It appears however to be listed as 1 Def on the unit purchase screen and in the Calculator tool. Please advise?

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    @mattbarnes No, the map is pretty balanced in v3.0.0.4 and IMO if either side has a slight edge its Axis.

    Its best to either disable the neutrals if you aren't playing with politics or set them as Does Nothing AI. Most people play with politics off.

    Players/resources summaries would need to be enhanced in the engine because the way the map works is that each Major+Minors are a 'team' so the summary is per team not for the entire Axis or Allies side. This is a good feature request though.

    This was changed in v3. You'll need to read the appendices at the end for some of the updates.

  • @redrum Thanks for the replies. I will follow your guidance and adopt DoesNothingAI but my question was really why the save game forgets/overwrites the AI selections each time? Other triplea games (incl earlier TWW I think) will ‘remember’ which nations are AI controlled I believe.

    Thanks for the pointer on anti-tank. Looks like a change for v2.8, shown in the manual appendix. What’s not clear to me though is how the relevant Tech interacts. Germany (with bonus techs ON) should start with +1 Def for improved AT and I’m not seeing it.

    Also, is the manual indicating that AT guns also serve as AA guns? The comment next to AT in the v2.8 appendix is that AA fires in every round.

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    @mattbarnes It should remember what players are set in the save game. If you aren't seeing that then its a bug. Can you upload a save that you set AI and that is reverting back to human players?

    And yes, Improved AntiTank increases AT gun defense from 1 to 2. The AA reference is just how targeted attacks (like only against air, only against vehicles, etc) is referred to but they only target vehicles not air 🙂

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