Total World War: December 1941

  • @Hepps Should trains not become exchangeable between Allies? Right now, trucks are, but the UK would love to present Russia with a train from India, but I believe that is currently not possible?

  • So, is this what I was reporting here? If so, this hasn't fixed yet; "Fix bug where liberating russian or chinese L&L territories you can't reinforce them in ncm as they turn russian/chinese immediately instead of being the territory of the nation on turn"

  • So, maybe I answered that by looking at the notes for fixes; "Fix Exiled Allies Toulon Fleet Event which was firing turn 1 instead of after Vichy's capital falls". So, this event starts triggering when Vichy capitals falls to the Allies? Does it fire each turn or only once??

  • Is there a reason Spain needs to be between China and Britain? Seems like China and Spain could be switched since they most likely don't affect each other, which would make it more convenient for a forum game where the axis have Spain

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  • @Hepps THANKS! Very clear! Very good!

  • @Hendriks1 Aaand I answered that myself by testing as well, as the UK train from India DOES turn to USSR possession in Eastern Iran

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    @Hendriks1 I knew you'd figure it out.

  • Hey, is it just me or does the engine sometimes allow an AA gun to move to an adjacent space (without a transport) despite its nil movement stat?

    I’ve certainly experienced this but I haven’t yet inferred a definitive pattern as to when it is occasionally permitted, given it mostly isn’t. More often that not it occurs when the unit travels along a rail line (but typically not into hills/mountains), although this doesn’t seem to be strictly necessary or sufficient.

    I wondered if there is logic at play that behaves a little like the rule that requires planes to have a feasible landing position? The AA gun is permitted a move sometimes if a truck or plane in the vicinity might have been able to assist (even if it is not in fact used)?

  • That's a player-enforced rule. You are not allowed to move an AAgun without Truck/Train/Transportship.

    Background is, they are allowed to enter Transportships if a Dock is present. To have the engine allow these "enter a ship"-moves, they are given one point of movement, and that has the side-effect that you can move them along land. But you are still not allowed to move them.

  • slight correction: Mechs can also move AAguns...

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    @mattbarnes What @Gully says is correct... you will also find Materials will behave in the same way. The only allowable move for either unit (AA Gun or Materials) is to move them onto a Sea Transport... any other move without a truck, Mech Inf or Air Transport is illegal as a player enforced rule.

  • minor visual bug: When Germany researches Logistics 2, all german airfields will display a green "+" to indicate it. But those in Finland, DanubeAxis and Vichy do not have the indicator. In the game engine, they are still germanAirfield, so I guess they can still scramble 3 planes.

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    @Gully I think it eventually updates those. But the tech indicators in general don't always update immediately. Its some sort of engine issue.

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    maybe your color depth or resolution? I actually get my comps icons looking different depending on my resolution ... just my thought

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    @Captain-Crunch i think it has something to do with the minor powers it only happens to them but it doesn't happen to all of them it's sorta random.

  • Hi. I’ve played this map a lot and only just noticed a Haunebu appearing during the German automatic actions between turns, then disappearing. Wikipedia identifies it as a UFO. Is it just there for fun or any other reason?

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    @mattbarnes Just for shits and giggles!=) Hitler is going to the dark side of the moon.

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    @Hepps Looks like there is a bug with Japan capital liberation unless I'm missing something. If Japan liberates its own capital the switch to allow the free engineer/factory is set to false before it grants the units (trigger 4 fires setting it to true after capital is lost, trigger 10 fires setting it to false after next combat move when japan trying to recapture it, trigger 9 never fires since its false):

            <attachment name="triggerAttachmentLiberationJapan4" attachTo="Usa" javaClass="TriggerAttachment" type="player">
                <option name="conditions" value="conditionAttachmentTokyolost"/>
                <option name="when" value="after:usaBattle"/>
                <option name="players" value="Japan"/>
                <option name="playerAttachmentName" value="RulesAttachment" count="conditionAttachmentLiberationJapan"/>
                <option name="playerProperty" value="switch" count="true"/>
            <attachment name="triggerAttachmentLiberationJapan9" attachTo="Japan" javaClass="TriggerAttachment" type="player">
                <option name="conditions" value="conditionAttachmentLiberationJapan:conditionAttachmentTokyonotlost"/>
                <option name="placement" value="Tokyo:japaneseFactory"/>
                <option name="placement" value="Tokyo:japaneseCombatEngineer"/>
                <option name="when" value="before:japanCombatMove"/>
            <attachment name="triggerAttachmentLiberationJapan10" attachTo="Japan" javaClass="TriggerAttachment" type="player">
                <option name="conditions" value="conditionAttachmentDummyCondition"/>
                <option name="playerAttachmentName" value="RulesAttachment" count="conditionAttachmentLiberationJapan"/>
                <option name="playerProperty" value="switch" count="false"/>
                <option name="when" value="after:japanCombatMove"/>

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    @redrum Did you just seriously ask me a trigger question? 🤪

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