unloading bug

  • when unlaoding a single infantry from two transports one with 2 infantry and one with 1 infantry, the engine always pulls the single infantry from the fully loaded transport even when you specify the transport half loaded when you are prompted to select which transport to unload.

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    @ubernaut Yeah, I've seen this as well and there is probably a bug report in github somewhere. The best thing to do to avoid it is move transports then unload to first destination then move rest of transports then unload to second destination.

  • the only way ive figured out to make it do what i want is to unload to one territory, then the other, then undo the first one, then shift unload again. if you select one it always pulls from the full one and if you try to unload two it always pulls one from each. 😕 i always try to minimize moves to make it easier to undo things or look at history. but your method would work also. 🙂

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    @ubernaut you'll figure it out 🙂

    As DanVanatta said the other day, you can just click on the SZ and send everything (unless there's planes you don't want to) into the zone you wanna go. Otherwise, one tranny at a time as redrum suggests, is a good idea.

    I would attack or ncm one country at a time, which, I think, is what redrum was saying : )

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