Questions about Sea Zones

    1. Is giving values to sea zones (not convoy zones) possible?

    2)Are land units able to move to sea zones without trannies with some XML modifications?

    1. Is the convoy zone concept can be applied for land zones also?

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    1. Not sure what you mean? You can have a single SZ convoy center that has a PU value. Only difference from a land territory is it only gives income to original owner. You can use objectives for more complex behavior.

    2. No.

    3. You'd use objectives to require ownership of multiple territories to a PU income.

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    @redrum I tend to think it would be more polished to rather have an option to set if non original owners do not get the income, then updating all maps using convoy zones as to set it true, instead of having it hardcoded as true/false for sea/land zone, but this might be too much or too hard work, by now (this would allow point 1 and 3 at this topic). Point 2 is like a totally different matter, I think should stay in another topic.

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    @Cernel agree.

  • I mean can enemy forces be able to gain Pus from occupied Convoy zones with modyfing XML or still need national objectives?

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    @Schulz As said, there is not a direct option to define whether non-original owners receive income or not. You can do that either with national objectives or by making a trigger that changes the original ownership to the current owner, and fires at the end of any phases in which such a change may happen, but both this options are workarounds.

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    I moved this topic to the "Map Making" category since it concerns map making.

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