I'd be up for a new PBEM in Civil War or TWW

  • Hey guys, so after a long and good but bit buggy game with Wirkey playing Civil War I'd like to go for it again with someone. It was really pretty Epic.

    I haven't tried Yankies yet and I'd like to do that if you want or you can go them if you really want too.

    Wirkey you're welcome for a rematch too if u want.

    If nobody wants to play some CW I'd be up for a TWW too.

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    @Ondis Civil War is a fickle mistress. All the power to you for signing back up for more!

    Hats off to the champions who ride the edge of the envelope.

  • Was a fun game, I won but I dont know if it was fair one thing. We had limited bombardment per unit unloading. It helped Wirkey at the end but me a lot at the start. But I just dont like unlimited bombardment. Plus I fared well winning a hugely important 50/50 battle where I could've lost a general.

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    @Ondis mind posting the final save game? Also I'd be interested in a game though give @wirkey first dibs on if he wants a rematch with you.

  • So you can find out all my secret strats!?!?!?

    *reminds himself he already posted save files in the bug thread *

    Darnit! Fine.

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    @Ondis id be down but im really new to TWW and have never played CW. one concern i have about playing TWW by email is order of losses. the order of loses decisions ive found to be much complicated in this game than other variations of TA usually i pick my order of loses based on whether or not i think the attacker wants to finish the fight or is just looking to strafe me a bit.

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    @ubernaut Yeah, TWW requires asking for scramble/OOL fairly often. Though given that each turn tends to be much longer than most other maps, you get used to it. Mostly just need players that can check their email a few times a day and give a quick response to OOL/scramble when needed. If you wanted it to go faster, you could agree to some OOL standards.

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    @redrum not sure there's any hard and fast rule that could describe my OOL strategy in this game i often need to think about it quite a bit. i almost feel like combat phases should be done online or something.

    Anyway im down to try it out @Ondis if you still want to set up a game. 🙂

  • Hey guys so this is the save, I'd Think Wirkey is ok with it for the same reason as I am; namely we already posted part of the game elsewhere. EA901459-825A-4569-B488-4F03902D92B6.tsvg Dunno why it's this name, I dont have civil war/the saves atm on this computer so if its corrupted ask Wirkey. But I Think it should work. It's the same size.

    @Ubernaut and Redrum

    I'd be up to play both, feel free to start the games and I'll continue.
    my email is tripleapbem@protonmail.com

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    @Ondis Ok. Which side do you prefer and what settings would you like? Also do you mind trying PBF or do you prefer PBEM?

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    sorry, somehow i missed redrum calling the match wasn't trying to box you out. 🙂 maybe ill let you guys fight it out for now and ill play you afterward while i get another practice game in still not super familiar with the groove of this one anyway.

  • Nono we're playing CIvil war, you and me can play TWW Uber. Im not a total newb but its been years since i Played that map

    @Redrum, well I want to try some Yankies this time if ok.

    Basically same rules I guess if you're fine with it:
    You can Blitz with any unit that can move 2 tiles through friendly neutrals,
    no bombardment of more units than unloading,
    you can drop units in friendly neutrals on same turn using Railways but no other,
    Upgrades and purchases of ships Count as the same´towards purchase limits.

    Tell me if u have some others ud like to consider or if u want these changed

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    @Ondis ok so how do you feel about trying to coordinate for live battle phases?

  • Im online now for a while, But like I'm pretty slow on TWW like, Its also changed a lot since last time so its better we even start in PBEM maybe.

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    @Ondis my concern is regarding OOL not sure how we will do that without a ton of back and forth. what time zone are you in? in PST (GMT-8) i work for myself so im pretty flexible. 🙂

  • Oh right. Well I'm online now for a few hours if you want.
    i'm pretty flexible too, so write a couple of times here that you can be on and I'll pick one, otherwise i'm usually on (if im on) at about 19-23 CET.

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    @Ondis Ok, seems like standard rules except limiting bombardment by number of units. I'll look to set it up in the next few days. Haven't played CW in a while so first turn will take me a little bit of time.

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    @Ondis ok lets try to coordinate once we actually get to a battle phase. 🙂

    not really sure about bidding for this map so maybe you should start. also still trying to understand all the math on this map so i kinda prefer dice at this point. but the other options i dont have particularly strong feelings about.

  • U can choose!

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    @Ondis ok you want to play axis or allies?

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