Air battles in out of factory territories

  • I've checked another maps that has air battle concept and it occurs only factory zones but I want air battles in every zones so it is possible?

    By making fighters/bombers both strategic bomber and figters/bombers targets. They can destroy enemy air unit regardless of territory but the issue is they cannot realiate.

    Any solution?

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    not exactly sure what you're after but this will allow air battles in all zones.

    <!-- Allows normal battles to have Escort aircraft and also be Intercepted by the defender -->
    <property name="Battles May Be Preceeded By Air Battles" value="true"

    Might wanna reread POS and search all air battle stuff. That's probably about all triplea can do for now.

    I've tried this in the past but it didn't seem quite right as air superiority basically kills everything.

    It would be nice if you could use a different die value for air battles as the standard 6 sided is too limiting imo.

    I guess you could go 12 sided with everything but I think a lot of people are just used to the 6

  • I've done exactly the same thing in POS but air battles do occur only when a factory present in the territory.

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    @Schulz As long as you have these properties set and there are units in the territory that can participate in air battles then to my knowledge they should occur:

    Game properties

        <property name="Battles May Be Preceeded By Air Battles" value="true" editable="true">
        <property name="Air Battle Rounds" value="1" editable="false">
          <number min="-1" max="100"/>

    Unit properties

          <option name="canAirBattle" value="true"/>
          <option name="airDefense" value="2"/>
          <option name="airAttack" value="2"/>

  • It works well now thanks.

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    I moved this topic to the "Map Making" category since it concerns map making.

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