Another Git Question

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    I searched on here and it took me to "Git Question" but when I clicked on it, it did nothing.

    Anyway, I found a bug in Global 40 House Rules and my oldest file still has the problem. I went to git to try and dl the first upload and while I can find it in the history, I can't figure out how to access it.

    Anyone know how to do this ?


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    @beelee um did you try the in game downloader? assuming you did

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    @prastle not sure I think i shoulda just hit reply but i haven't checked 😄

    But I think it's got something to do with canAirBattle. Idk I'll try again tomorrow . Thanks for the reply : )

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    ok I tried again and that wasn't it. Still didn't do anything. I go to "Help & Questions" and type in "Github..." and it shows up as a "Github Question" by me , but when I click on it it doesn't do anything.

    Just didn't wanna spam out and try and keep the Gits in as few a places as possible. : ) No worries. Doubt anyone answer anyway 😄

    Well maybe Roi will : )

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    Well you can download early versions from github, but you'll have to extract the folder content otherwise the engine won't be able to load the game

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    Thanks for the reply. Getting ready to give it another go. I found where I needed to be, but wasn't able to figure out how to dl/copy the file(s) I wanted.

    Anyway, pretty sure I know what the problem is and am making a test mod with just the one change to see if it shows up.

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