Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 14) -- St. Nazaire Raiders !!

  • Hammond (Allies) defeats Agency10

    Agency took Axis with a g10 bid and went to work by taking his Germany med fleet to fight the UK battleship there. In some bad luck, Germany lost two planes in Rd 1. Down 2 planes, Germany made a gallant effort to keep the Allies from offering aid to Russia with a strong German navy in the Med. To make matters worse for the Allies' resupply efforts, Japan sailed its entire fleet through the Drake passage up into the Atlantic. USA fleet was caught in the middle, but was able to knock out the German Med fleet and still have enough keep the Japan fleet from taking advantage. During this time, Russia was able to swing back and forth to keep Japan and Germany away until the Allies finally got aid to Africa and Russia via Norway. It would have been a very different game in my opinion had Rd 1 worked out as Agency had planned. Very fun and interesting game! He's a good sport and pleasure to game with. hope you game up in the next tourney!

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    bayder (Allies) defeats ingcameroni (Axis +8) in Germany round 3 in a game played 1/2 pbem and 1/2 online. Germany went with a fleet strategy, putting the Allies in panic mode in the Atlantic. However, multiple failed battles due to bad luck, along with leaving France open to an Allied attack, doomed the Axis before the game really got going. Ingcameroni, as always, was a fun and gracious player, and sadly this one ended too quickly. Thanks for the game! -bayder

  • tulkas (axis +11!!!) over Hammond by surrender in R15. Hammond suffered classic 1st round bad luck with allies and Germany was able to secure Africa and Karelia after R1. From there axis sort of "leaned" on allies all game. Hammond could have stretched it out to 20 rounds but pending a bad axis mistake, axis was going to take Russia and keep Germany secure. Thanks for the game! - tulkas

  • panpal(axis+9) defeats Gonz ( allies)by surrender in UK10. Germany placed the bid in Africa and managed to hold Egypt till round 7 even though the allies sunk the med fleet early on. Allies managed to secure Karelia and UK started building their army there. Germany reinforced by Africa Income managed to put up a formidable defence allowing time for Japan to build its strength The game was quite balanced when a streak of unlucky rolls gave an advantage for axis. Thank for a fun and challenging game Gonz. gonz-uk10.tsvg

  • Eboy82 (Axis+9) defeats Tulkas by surrender in round 18. Germany took some risk in first round and lost battleship, but somehow managed to survive long enough for Japan to take first take Caucasus and some rounds later Russia. Game was almost lost for me, but some good dice here and there for Axis combined with unchallenged Japan made a comeback. Thanks for game Tulkas - you almost got me in the first few rounds, I got lucky. TOC_14_Eboy(Ax) vs Tulkas.tsvg

  • Blasherke defeats Oppositeof (Axis, +10) in a challenging 12 - rounder. The axis built a stronghold in Egypt, and succeeded in both taking control of Africa and combining the pacific with the Med - fleet. The allies reacted by an all-out attack on the southern belly of Europe, securing Southern Europe as a bridgehead by round 6. The Japanese attempt to counter the Allied buildup was running out of time and by round 12 the combined taskforce was finally ready to successfully invade Germany. Thanks Oppositeof for this very fine game!

  • Wasp (allies) defeats Comorv (Axis)

    GG wasp

  • Comorv (Axis) defeats Quartermaster (Allies)

    Part mail and part live, game was a lot of fun, thank you QM for a fun, entertaining and thoughtful game! GG!

    Hope we play again sometime soon. 🙂

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    bayder (Allies) defeats panpal (Axis +8) in round 8 of a pbem game. Allies sealed Africa and the Med early with some first round luck and sacrificing the UK bomber. Germany could never quite recover from the lost income. Japan harassed USA's coastline all game, but was not able to advance far into Asia. Germany became isolated, and Allies surrounded Berlin, making its fall inevitable when panpal surrendered. Panpal, as always, was a gracious, fun, and fast opponent. Thanks for the game!

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