Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 14) -- St. Nazaire Raiders !!

  • Frank-the-Tank (Allies) vs. LouisXIVXIV (Axis bid8): Despite a very good start for Allies (UK and USA in Pacific), Axis managed a great defensive game with both Germany and Japan. Germany built tons of troops and eventually took Russia while Japan resisted USA build up. Game was decided with the VC9 rule which I really hate, but nonetheless territory and PU advantage was too much for Allies to reverse over time. Well done LouisXIVXIV!

  • Barca defeats the Wasp (Axis +9) after 14 rounds of play. The game opened with the German bid being placed mostly in Europe. This elicited a classic defensive start for the allies. Good pressure from the Axis followed. The gamed ended with multiple pitched battles in the sea zones around the Suez cannel. 33% of the TUV came off the board in just 3 turns (England hit first, Japan countered, America finished). Fortunately for me, my dice were red hot and the axis were rolling bricks. Anything less and the outcome of this game would have been different.
    I want to thank the Wasp for a good game and a pleasant experience.


  • LouisXIVXIV defeats Comorv (Axis +7). This game was played live in under 3 hours, of which I used most of that time. Ended in round 3, with Comorv frustrated by his run of luck in small combats. GG Comorv, and thanks for the rules enlightenment from before the game.

    The Game

  • jmpsmsh (+9) defeats Blasherke after 10 rounds of PBEM. Whoever attacked in the first two rounds somehow had to face really bad dice, resulting in a lot of fighters going down on both sides early. The Allies took advantage by stacking up mass infantry in WE and later SE and thus forced Germany into defensive play. Russia, however, could never really recover and was slowly overrun by Japan.
    Thanks Blasherke for an interesting and well played game.

  • polarole allies defeats epinikion axis+10 with axis surrendering after russia 15.
    it was a pleasant fight as usual and very close for a long time. allies moved forces into weu and stacked there, those forces could be attacked succesfully and the battle went quite good for axis but german attrition was high. afterwards japs had a really unlucky round which turned out to be very decisive for the rest of the game.
    nice game looking forward to play epinikion again...
    bye polarole

  • Admin

    epis allies defeated eboys axis (+9bid) in a fast online and well played game. Both axis builded big tank stacks, but defence of moscow was stable and allies at tuv and income ahead. file attachedeboy.tsvg .

    Thanks for the game eboy

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  • polarole allies defeats barca axis+9
    allies had a good start with germans losing a fgt early. axis decided to play it superpassivly with germans as well as japan. so russia got an unopposed march into german territory and allies were able to stack eeu Rus 4 which decided the game.
    in Ger6 axis surrendered with germans basicaly out of the game and japs not threatening anything.
    thanks for playing
    bye polarole

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