splitted USA - need help

  • I took the map and the xml of WW2v3-1941 and changed it.

    The plan is to split the Americans into Americans_west and Americans_east, ech with own income, own move order, own units and so on. In the end the should be two nations for the Allies like USA and UK.

    however I made some mistakes as I get

    SAXParseException: game: World War II v4 1941, line: 2464, column: 8, error: Element mit "Americans" ist im Dokument erforderlich.

    but there are more error messages.

    I need help.
    I can send the xml to someone who is much more experienced in map making than I am.


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    @Numetalfan I know I could probably translate it myself, but probably you would stand more chances if you give the English version of that exception.

    Also, do not call it v4! V4 identifies another game in the WW2 series. Don't call it v3.1, either. In general the "v" thing is a rules reference; if you are making a variant of v3, just call it "WWIIv3 1941 ..." (for example, veqryn's "WWIIv3 1941 China Mod" in the "WW2v3_Variants" (in your case, not a "Mod", as you clearly need to modify the original skin)).

    If you go ahead making so many changes that it is really like a new map, instead, probably better giving it an original name.

  • Hi Cernel,

    I changend that v3 thing in the code and the xml name also. All error messages are in German, I don't know why.
    I would appreciate if you can send me your email so I can send you the xml file. It's probably easier that way to find the concrete problems.


  • Download notepad++ and check the line. You will wind the mistake.

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    @Numetalfan You should be able to upload the XML file to a post in this thread so we can take a look.

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    @Numetalfan So, what I guess is that you have removed the "Americans" player and added two players "Americans_west" and "Americans_east". However, somewhere in your xml you still have at least one occurrence of "Americans", that now refers to no actually defined player. So, just make a search for simply "Americans" in you document, and remove all occurrences you find of it.

  • WW2v3-1941-splittedUSA.xml

    Hi all,

    thanks for the suport. I attached the file to this post

  • @Cernel: It still doesn't work.
    Could you take a look at the file?

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    @Numetalfan I didn't test the game, but just did what I suggested to do.

    I see in the xml there are several istances of simply "Americans", namely:

    <playerProduction player="Americans" frontier="production"/>
    <playerRepair player="Americans" frontier="repair"/>
    <attachment name="techAttachment" attachTo="Americans" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.TechAttachment" type="player">
    (the above figures twice)
    <option name="capital" value="Americans"/>

    Since "Americans" doesn't actually exist, all those instances need to be erased, and the related code being rewritten accordingly.

    As I didn't modify or test the game, there may be other issues with it.

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