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  • I am a complete beginner to map/game making on AAA and I am not a programming wiz. I have tried to find tutorials to help me make my own game but I can't find anything. Any advice or links to a tutorial would be great. Thanks.

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    @Windrunner21 Click Download Maps from the opening screen. Then look under tools and you will find "Map Making Tutorial".

    I would suggest creating a simple xml-only mod before trying to create a new map from scratch.

  • dont know about map making, but if you want to create your own game (you said map making / gamemaking) then you should use popular game engine.

    There are many free tutorials so you will be fine, you just need to know how to use Google and know english, which you do, at least the latter.

    Popular game engines are Unreal engine, cryengine, unity, game maker and godot. Godot and unity are my favorite but godot is only for programming pros, and its less developed than unity.

    If you choose unity then this is a good tutorial made especially for beginners who want to create their first game

    PS I made my first game in game maker 🙂 but now i consider it too limited

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    @WadeLaneSand I assume you are getting confused. This forum is about the TripleA program, and its maps and games, not about Triple-A games, or video games in general.

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    The 'game' vs 'map' terminology is fundamentally confusing. It made more sense when we had actual games like 'chess.' These days, referring to individual XMLs as games and the collection as a map is not intuitive, only makes sense if you are really deep in the XML.

    @Windrunner21 does your reference to a 'game' refer to full-scope map making?

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