Dyeing/Colorizing Unit Images

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    Flip & coloring should be completely independent IMO. We can add a 'flip' ignore later I suppose, so not critical. If it comes to that, I just hope that map makers will request the feature before they add more unit images to work around it.

    I've pondered a bit if unit.transform.mirror.image=true would be any better, but does not necessarily seem so. I think the only thing missing or unclear about 'flip' is that it's a horizontal flip. There can be multiple types of flip, color, orientation, and for orientation multiple kinds.

    Using the value 'horizontal' could potentially add clarity, eg:


    The fact that there is no vertical is fine, it's an unsupported configuration that we could add in if needed. That would be a good route to leave open, if we did start allowing a vertical flip, for whatever reason, we wouldn't need an additional property (which would make the property naming even trickier).

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    @LaFayette I thought about including something about horizontal so that later on vertical flipping could be added more easily. I just couldn't come up with any case where I would want to flip unit images vertically. If someone can think of something then I'm fine adjusting the property.

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    @redrum I don't think there will be a case for it TBH, so it'd mostly just be for clarity IMO

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    PR is now merged. Feel free to give it a try in the pre-release and provide feedback!

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