"Update Account" TearDown & Changes

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    Proposed Changes

    1. Split the update account window into two, a change password window and change email window.
    2. Add confirmation dialog for when password or email are successfully updated
    3. Remove 'remember me' button from the dialog
    4. Remove the window title and leave just the banner title


    1. Fixes problems with change account UX
    2. Helps migrate off legacy tech and improves code

    Screenshot Example

    New change password window would look like this:
    Screenshot from 2019-09-17 01-52-42.png

    New change email window:
    Screenshot from 2019-09-17 01-52-23.png

    UX Tear Down of Existing

    Lurking in the lobby menu is the 'Account' menu with 'update account...' option (sorry, unable to take a screenshot of the open menu):

    Screenshot from 2019-09-16 23-01-30.png

    That opens this nice looking window:
    Screenshot from 2019-09-16 22-59-56.png

    First thing, we see the 'update account' written twice:

    Second, a bug, there is a 'remember me' button:

    Next, the username is displayed, even though it's already going to be clear who the user is (we typed it in after-all):

    The update email field is also a bit odd as we have to confirm password, but not email, it's also a bit weird that we have the username field prefilled, email field too, but you can only update one. It's not a strong emphasis that the username field is disabled and the email field is not:


    So let's try to update the email address:
    Screenshot from 2019-09-16 23-11-04.png

    We click okay, and then whoops, we get:
    Screenshot from 2019-09-16 23-11-42.png

    So to change an email, you must change password too! 😖

    Okay, so let's update our password then:
    Screenshot from 2019-09-16 23-12-14.png

    Click okay, and then the window just closes without confirmation anything changed 😖

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    @LaFayette Good recommended changes but why remove the "remember me," button? will it still exist on the login screen?

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    @LaFayette Yeah, that functionality currently is pretty rough. My only comments are:

    • Might want to call the field "New Password" instead of "Password" just to make it very clear
    • Might want to consider having a "Confirm Email" field (that seems fairly common for most other accounts that allow email changing)

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    will it still exist on the login screen?


    why remove the "remember me," button?

    It's inclusion was never necessarily by design. There is shared code between the update and create account pages, hence it was brought along by default.

    I'm considering this one...
    Sure the functionality is related, but is it strictly needed on an update password page? Less is more.
    If a user logs in, without this option off, why would they want to turn it on when updating password?
    If a user logs in, with the option on, why would they want to turn it off when updating password?

    @redrum, good suggestion for new password. I'm hestitant for the double email field. I did some background reading and found it's appreciated where email is super critical, like banking websites, otherwise you tend to get users copy/pasting or abandoning. It seems more effective to confirm the value after it is updated rather than requiring it be double typed. As an interesting datapoint, facebook does not require passwords or email to be double typed.

    A lot of readings have recommended to have a 'show password' option and not bother with the double typed password. Some websites even default to having the password be in plaintext to start with an option to 'hide'. Essentially the security gain of someone looking over-your-shoulder while creating account is pretty marginal. I don't want to embark on too many changes just at once, I'll leave adding an email confirmation or updates to the password field for a future iteration.

    PS: this was a pretty decent read on password UX: https://conversionxl.com/blog/password-ux/

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    We should also now have the capability to change username as well. It'll be an iterative process to get there, but in the end the account menu should then contain:

    • change password
    • change email
    • change username

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    @LaFayette Why changing username?

  • Admin

    @Cernel Any reason why not? Should you be forced to create a new account if you want to update your username?

    There were technical reasons why it was not possible before, so it was not 'originally' included because it was actually difficult to update.

  • hey this reminded me, remember a long time back I noticed my email address was shown on my profile info pop-up window and I was like hey I don't want my email address showing to everyone (who does?) and then someone replied and said only admin can see my email address ... so I'm just saying to make sure you don't show people's email addresses to the public because people don't want that

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    @LaFayette Well, up to the supermods, I guess. I would at very least suggest to disable name changing for users with moderators privileges.

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    @Cernel Are we on the same page? The 'account' menu is available to all non-anonymous logged in players and impacts only their own account. This is not a moderator tool.

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    @Cernel if we are indeed both talking about the standard account management tools, why do you suggest moderators be unable to change their own username?

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    @LaFayette I actually understand @Cernel 's point. I don't think we want mods changing their names like their "underwear." It would cause confusion and questions. Perhaps mods can have 2 names? One without moderator privledges that they can use on days that they don't want the headache?

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    @prastle I think the "mod status" would be tied to their account not the username. So even if they changed their username, it would still show them as a mod.

  • Moderators

    generally speaking, changing of account names is limited whenever there are stakes involved, whether it's money or rank. Changing your username gives you an advantage over others, who choose not to do that. i think if we are planning to incorporate leaderboards at some point we'd probably want to restrict name changes anyway.

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    @redrum Yes I realized that. I was just saying that having new mods every few months might be confusing even if strictly speaking they are the same person 🙂

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    Just letting you know I'm personally in favour of the account's username being costant (as it has always been so far).

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    • Mod status would be tied to account and not username.
    • If someone wants to change their account name, they can create a new account. I'm not sure why we should make it so difficult and say "no, you have to re-register with that same email but a new account name". Is that just not convoluted?
    • We can certainly discourage mods from changing their names, or changing often. I'm not sure if it's worth the complexity of special casing it into the code when we can keep the same name by convention.
    • Given the game allows multiple logins, no limit on how many accounts, no validation of email, no password requirement even, it doesn't seem like relieving the requirement of creating a new account if/when a person wants to change their username is a huge deal necessarily. I really view it as a convenience so you don't have to register multiple accounts. Arguably we want that particularly when stats could become tied to a user.

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