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  • You guys are getting like off topic. My main question of why cannot paratroops during non combat is a serious question. Nato will get kicked out of mainland Europe, its a matter of time. It is frustrating that i cannot use the factory in Britain to para troops over during non-combat.

    To make the situation worse for NATO, Russia and Arab League have unlimited expansion space into neutral territories. I suggest that:
    -China AI just act as neutral towards Russia (more appropraite to call it Soviet Union) or Russia can just eat up China slowly
    -India as a seperate faction hostile to everyone but start with lots of stationary troops
    -Arab League as an independent faction hostile to all

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    @Lord-Bevan said in Cold War 1965 - Official Thread:

    Nato will get kicked out of mainland Europe, its a matter of time.

    Sorry for not taking a detailed look, and it's been a while, so my memory might be faulty, but doesn't UK fall to USSR round#1 or round#2? IIRC, USSR uses one nuke to hit USA, then then uses second to hit UK and purchases overwhelming force to ensure capture the next round.

  • I find that SBR to be very profitable in this map, especially by the Soviets against the Allies. The only counter is not to use the big factories, especially London or Japan. This means you must rely on smaller factories or farway factories. This means you have a lot of PU which you could invest in Nuclear bombers. This becomes a visicous cycle where both sides just bomb each other and produce little troops.

    And what happens to air intercept? This is 1965.

  • Hi all. Is this map worth a go? It looks fun but I'm a bit worried given some of the comments on this thread.

    Also, please can you confirm recommended AI setup for a 2 human game? Eg is it AI Hard for China and Sinopact, with AI Does Nothing for the USA-Neutrals and USSR-Neutrals?

    Lastly, what are the recommended Options setups please? I propose to select: all the low luck options and AlwaysOnAA, leaving the rest alone. Does that make sense?

    Thanks, Matt

  • Incidentally, why not include S Vietnam (and maybe S Korea) within the realm of territories that Sinopact can attack, for an extra bit of realism, even if it might become a side-show once captured?

  • I assume that USSR wants to Nuke eastern US to knock out 2 US nukes, then build more nukes as soon as it can?

  • Should Trucks be able to LandTransport?

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