TripleA gets stuck in combat

  • For a while I have noticed a problem where TripleA gets stuck in combat, not allowing units to be chosen as casualties. It does not lock up, I can save the game, reload it and finish the combat. It has been becoming more common. It comes up on all scenarios I play. I am currently using pre-release 16967, but the problem predates that pre-release. No point to attaching a file, as the saved file will work until it gets stuck again.

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    @RogerCooper I believe I was the first one to report this matter, and confirm all you say. However, you may try that if you don't do useless clicks (like spamming space tab), that should not happen.

  • is this for real cuz theres already been 2 or 3 obvious aliaser troll threads this past while 😜

  • @Captain-Crunch Not trolling, this is an annoying bug. As I normally play against the AI, maybe this bug only occurs with the AI. I also have the sense that this bug only occurs if there are air units in the battle.


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    @RogerCooper I really think this only occurs if you do useless clicks, spamming the space bar or something, that I can see being common playing the AI, as you want to push forward as fast as you can. I suggest you play not using spacebar and clicking on stuff no more than you need to, see if the bug will happen anyways (I believe it will not).

    Also, here it is the GitHub discussion about this bug. Maybe you can help the developers reproducing it, telling them what they need to do:

  • @Cernel I am not spamming the space bar or doing unneeded clicks. I seem to get the errors more quickly on small map games and battles with air units.

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    @Cernel The problem happens when a combat is started, after single clicking a new combat. The delay between last combat and new combat is normal, a second or so. There is no double clicking. Units with "canEvade" property are slightly suspect, but it's not clear what is causing the issue.

    @RogerCooper FWIW, I think you should be able to click the 'X' button to close the blank combat prompt and TripleA will become unstuck. If you hit the issue further, save games and noting which battle caused the problem will be of help. If anything with more data, we can start looking for common patterns and see if we can eliminate any potential possibilities.

  • darn back to square one

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