Fixed Scenarios from the Repository

  • I have fixed missing image problems with New World Order1915 Lebowski and Pacific. How do I upload the corrected versions to the repository?

  • Admin


    Navigate to repository:

    Click fork button:
    Screenshot from 2020-01-20 20-46-19.png

    Noticate the URL is different and should have your name in it.

    Navigate to the folder where you want to add files, click upload files:
    Screenshot from 2020-01-20 20-47-12.png

    Select the file to upload and select 'create a new branch':
    Screenshot from 2020-01-20 20-48-01.png

    Then if that's the only file, add a change summary and click create pull request:
    Screenshot from 2020-01-20 20-49-13.png

    IF there are more files, go back to your fork, and click "branches", eg:
    Screenshot from 2020-01-20 20-49-59.png

    Select the branch you just created:
    Screenshot from 2020-01-20 20-50-06.png

    Be careful as you navigate now that the URL continues to have your branch name in it, if not then go back and select your branch. Now browse to where you want to upload files and click upload files. Repeat this process until you have them all uploaded.

    Once done, head back to the 'main repository':

    There should be a some convenience buttons avialable to you to create pull requests from your branch, eg (notice the green buttons):
    Screenshot from 2020-01-20 20-51-26.png

    Once the pull request is made, map admins will review it and merge it, then it'll be part of the map.

  • 1915 has 1 ottoman factory that belong to the enemy.

    it also does not save unplaced units, and does not alert the player not to overbuild.

  • 1915 cannot buy factories
    only some nations can

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