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    One of the tactics that Dynamix AI used was to "raid" a territory: Attack a territory with sufficient strength to get an economic victory in terms of units destroyed, but then retreat before winning the battle outright to avoid being counterattacked, and thus preserving its forces. Does the current Hard AI do this, and if so, are there some settings to use?

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    @Grill-Meister Welcome to the forums. I'm guessing you've been around TripleA for a while if you remember the Dynamix AI 🙂

    So the answer for the Fast/Hard AI is kind of. It will "raid" or "hit/run" but only in order to weaken a territory to set up a multi-nation attack (you can set up a scenario where say UK/USA both need to hit Berlin in order for it to be captured as neither has enough strength themselves). It won't "raid" just to say kill more TUV then it loses then retreat. That is something that I do want to add but is something that is used more so in LL than dice since it can often be very risky in dice.

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    @redrum Yeah, aside from strange situations and uncommon units values and costs for the game, strafing is almost a Low Luck invention. Probably the biggest demonstration on how low luck is not merely about reducing the amount of luck in the game, but really turning the game into a different one, to be played substantially differently. In regular dice, beside strafing to "teleport" (move oriented, rather than aiming at TUV destruction), you strafe almost only in case taking the territory is good too, so you decide what of the two you and the dice are going to end up with, round after round of combat, if by strafe we mean attacking in a condition in which you want to retreat AND don't want to win.

    And in v5 the adversary is even supposed to be able to impede your retreat by leaving aa guns alive, so, instead of having to kill all but 1, you need to consider to kill all but 1 plus the number of aa guns.

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    I'm biased, IMO LL is "dice for the first two rounds, then we play LL", since in the first round or two most battles are only one die, and are effectively dice. This annoys me a lot. But... strafing is 100% a thing in dice games, and sometimes goes even better when a defender under-rolls. If you get a strange attack where you get all hits and wind up capturing, then chances are good the defense is wiped out and you may have enough to outright capture and hold by moving any other units in the territory. LL is certainly a different game, I generally don't like how it focused you on just going for exactly one maximized timed attack/strategy, and then if it does not work out then you lose (and besides, it's still quite possible to get diced in LL; considering a scenario where one sub, one dd, one cruiser all get to roll, all hit, vs an attack of power 11 that gets only one hit). Anyways, this is not about dice vs LL, but point being said, there are plenty of scenarios where strafing happens in dice.

  • @redrum Thanks guys; yes was mildly addicted to the board game in college. 🙂 Great work here; I'll go through phases where I'll binge play it and then have to pull myself away since it interferes with life. Hence, a prior phase with the Dynamix AI recollections. The Dynamix AI seemed to be real good at getting TUV victories via raid/strafe/hit-run, without exposing itself to counterattack, ultimately leading to TUV superiority and eventual victory on land. Very challenging to defeat in a fair fight unless you could out-maneuver it via naval transport.

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    @Grill-Meister Yeah, Dynamix never really figured out naval warfare. Hard AI should be more challenging in just about every way. Though there might be a few things it would do that Hard AI won't yet.

  • @redrum what did Dynamix AI do that Hard AI does not?

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    @Captain-Crunch Raiding like @Grill-Meister mentioned in the first post is the only thing I know of but there could be others.

  • @redrum oh I thought he was talking about "strafing" because I never heard of the "raiding" thing and thought for sure he was trolling and waited for more replies to be sure

  • @Captain-Crunch Sorry for the confusion; not trolling this time. 😛

    Is "strafe" the commonly used term for attacking a territory with no intention of winning the territory but rather retreating at some point ?

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    @Grill-Meister Yeah, usually folks call it strafing.

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