can set isDestroyer to affect less than all subs

  • you could have 1:1 or 2, 3 etc...
    See you've been doing a lot of good work lately redrum. Just wanna say good job : ) and thanks too all the devs and other members that are getting the new site dialed in. Good work everyone !

  • Admin

    @beelee Good suggestion. I've seen this mentioned a few times over the years and is something that would definitely give more flexibility for destroyers/subs along with adding realism for maps (not having 1 destroyer being able to cancel out 100 subs).

  • Moderators

    @redrum Yes this is a very old idea. One who's time in the sun is long over due.

    That being said.... I'm not a fan of how the "is destroyer" behavior works at all anyways... but this would surely provide for a system that at least make some sense.

  • Moderators

    Pretty much everything that is 1 to infinite would be good having the option for 1 to something. Units giving bonus movement to other units comes to mind immediately.

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