Highlight Territories with moveable units on Hover

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    Idea: on mouse enter to a territory with moveable units during combat or non-combat, we'll highlight the territory.

    Here is something of a demo of the idea:


    The video above is just a rough demo:

    • the highlight would be constant outline highlight of a flash
    • the delay before the highlight would show should be instantaneous

    Likely we would create an option to turn this behavior on or off, but it could become a new default even if seemingly useful and nice.


  • Moderators

    @LaFayette i like this idea too but i'm not sure how intuitive the implied meaning is, maybe highlighting just the units?

  • Admin

    I like the idea @ubernaut , could be units only, territory only, or both. The units getting a 'roll-over' highlight makes a lot of sense. Very similar to how when you hover over buttons or anything clickable, it usually shimmers. To boot, we already have the unit highlight ability readily coded up, likely that would be a far easier than outlining the territory.

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