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    About the "Game/Roll Dice" feature, what does it do?

    I know that it rolls dice... What I'm mostly asking is if that is just something for you only (like when you use the battlecalculator to simulate battles) or does it send the dice results to someone else too.

    For example, in a live game I'm hosting, can I say "if I roll even I start bidding and if I roll odd you start", then use this feature to roll a dice that my opponent can see or otherwise verify?

    More generally, are there any ways in TripleA to do anything like this (for example, rolling dice for determining in which order the participants can pick)?

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    yea idk if it verifies or not. Next time I do a forum game I'll check. What i use it for is in local mode when I'm testing and forget a battle so I roll it out. I wish it wouldn't make you have to click on it every time and would stay ready for another roll though.

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    @Cernel said in Roll Dice Utility:

    ... or does it send the dice results to someone else too.

    In case MARTI is used, the rolls are sent by email as "Rolling Dice, no effect on game".
    However those rolls are not logged in the game history.

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    Hi Panther
    Thanks for the info. Idk if this is what @Cernel is referring to, but on 18907 pre, when one uses the "Roll Dice" function it just disappears after you hit "OK". It works in 13066.

    Anyway, I guess I'll head over to git and let them know. 🙂 Hope you are well Panther 🙂

    Yea it works in "Local Mode" not with a bot though. Probably the same in 13066 ? Idk anyway I made a report at git

    well 13066 won't let me join any empty bots. If someone wants to test in a 13066 bot ?

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    @beelee Actually I tested that using the 18907 pre-release. So at least for PBF/Marti it works as expected.
    Also contacting the dice server and the dice result are displayed when the feature is executed.
    Might be useful if it was noted in history mode, too. But that would be a feature request.

    I am fine, thanks 🙂 , I hope you are fine, too?

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    So, substantially, this feature does nothing useful at all, if you are playing real time (hosting or in bots), while it does send verified dice to everyone involved, if you are PBEM or PBF, but there is nothing letting you know, or even hinting, that is the case, until you try it out?

    I wasn't really thinking about adding the dice rolls in history. More like wondering, when you roll a dice, if all users inside your host would see the results like you do. I'm understanding they don't.

    So, practically, if you want to roll dice to see who starts bidding, you can do that, if you are PBEM or PBF, while you can never do that, if you are playing live?

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