What Map Category?

  • I am almost done with implementing my map but as I am going over @Frostion's guide I am at the yaml file edits and I am wondering what map category should I use? (going to default to experimental for now)

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    @Michael-Hoover I would start with experimental and once its tested out by more people then we can consider moving it to other categories.

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    @Michael-Hoover I couldn't wait so I downloaded the map manually and I'm currently playing it as Tokugawa against all Hard AI.

    I've yet to find 1 reason why this map shouldn't stay in "good quality".

    Be sure to open an official topic in Maps & Mods about it, so people's opinion can be kept together (waiting for that as well).


  • @redrum This may be a silly question but do I need to pull request the yaml file again when updating my map? The only things I added were a sounds folder (and files, etc) and a modified sounds.properties file. The xmls or anything else hasn't changed.

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    @Michael-Hoover If you want people to be notified about a new version of your map, so they will re-download it, and get your sounds, then you have to edit yaml again. The only thing you got to do is make the version number "2". I guess your map in yaml is at the moment called version "1", right?

    Just so you understand, the edit you have to make after you have altered you map is to esit the map version number in the yaml file.

    Besides that you ofcours have to draft a new release of you map in your own map place at Github. It will have to be done after you edit your map files or add map files. It will be a green button in the top right of the screen at your map repository at Github.

  • @Frostion ūüĎć thanks for the info I wasn't sure. Yeah in the yaml its version 1 so I'll pull it now and update it. I've already updated the repository on github (getting used to that as I am a noob there too ūü§® ).

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