Any way to add national morale?

  • Is there any way to add national morale as resource to game? I think it is very necessary for the ww1 game/maps.

    National morale represent countries willingness to fight which means you surrender when your morale falls to zero.
    Here's some possible conditions that can be affect national morale:
    -lose infantry:minor impact
    -enemy convoy raiding:moderate impact
    -lose battleship or carrier:moderate impact
    -lose territory:major impact
    -lose capital:great impact

    Examples in history:
    Germany's surrender without being invaded in the ww1.
    The Russian revolution and Russia's withdrawal from the war in the ww1.
    Japan's surrender after atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki plus loss of Manchuria in the ww2.

  • You can create any resource you want. But as of now, you can't use resource levels as conditions. That may change in the future. You can use territory losses as conditions.

  • 🤔 that would be awesome to be able to fire triggers based on resource totals!

    On topic, you might be able to use custom techs toward this end? Might be a headache tracking them and adding/removing them based on conditions, but it would be possible...

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    Yeah, I also think that being able to test resources with conditions would be a good feature to have, but this is a feature request.

    In my opinion, a missed opportunity to do it was back when the cost of user actions was expanded to resources, which has been a great improvement, but it would have been better done by simply adding the ability to test for resources presence (since the triggers removing resorces are already available).

    Meanwhile, a way to hack it is by placing units to count resources, but this is not going to work in all cases (for example, if you have fuel costs using such resources).

  • @stalinpasha

    It would improve 'historical accuracy", but would it have any meaningful impact on gameplay?

    By the time a faction has reached a point where this would apply, they are pretty well out of contention anyways. This would only accelerate the geometrical growth / decay between the factions further.

    IMHO, players losing their capitals, etc are being punished enough anyways.

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    @tinfoil666 You are right on most cases (meaning that when such collapses would happen, the human player would have already surrendered, so, if realistic, you would virtually never see them happening, thus it would be a virtually wasted rule). However, I think anyone can agree that this is not true for every case, an example being Russia in WW1.

  • @Cernel The collapses that occurred in WW1 were driven by the loss of civilian morale. Russia and Germany both surrendered with millions of men in the field.

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    @RogerCooper Right, but the point here was that, in a somewhat realistic game, by the time you reach the point in which Germany "collapses", the player playing that side would have already surrendered, thus you would virtually never actually reach the point.

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