Terrain highlight mode

  • My idea is to add in a way of highlighting various terrain types on the map.

    Similar to how territories are highlighted based on ownership, the colour could be specified or ommitted from the map.properties file and their would be a simple in game way of selecting which terrain you want highlighted.

    This would obviously have varying degrees of usefulness depending on the map (not so much in base axi&allies) but it could potentially be useful to some players and theres terrain map modes in other strategy games.

  • Admin

    @Zaroph do you have any specific maps in mind where this would be particularly useful?

  • Moderators Admin

    @Zaroph You mean like the special colour currently given to all "impassable" territories, which makes you unable to see ownership colours completely (I'm assuming this behaviour exists only on the (wrong) assumption that all impassable territories are non-owned (that is, owned by the "Neutral" (null) player)).

    How would you deal with the fact that, differently from ownership, you can have an unlimited number of effects per territory?

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