Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 16)

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    epinikion (allies) won vs ingcameroni (axis +9) in a nice game.

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    bayder (Axis) defeats Shmod (Allies) by surrender in round 4. A lucky AA shot for Axis spelled doom for the Allied holding in Egy, and the Allied generals decided to surrender after their African base was wiped out. This was an intense, crazy game that seemed like it went much longer than 4 rounds. Thanks to Shmod for the great game, he's a dangerous opponent!


  • King Kelly defeats JeffSchultz (Axis +9). Bid was 6G+3J, which led to Germany attacking fierce in orund one, stacking all countries close to Russia as much as possible. Russia counterattacked in round 2 and had some extreme dice luck. USA built a factory in Norway, which was recaptured by Germany, and then taken by UK. Meanwhile Japan had started to built up and was moving towards the West. But the combined Allies forces were able to held Japan back, whilst Germany was on low money and could not recover. Jeff saw that coming and surrendered early, so the Axis generals could retreat and move to South America. Thanks Jeff for a very fun game, fast played in two conitnents 😉

  • Barca defeats Handsome (axis +8) by Projection of Power in round 7. Allies started with a strong presence in Asia by building an India factor on E1. While this game was approaching its apex, ie Germany was at Moscow's doorstep, the axis powers made a relatively minor but fatal error and allowed the allies to win by taking 9 victory cities. Wish it would have ended in a blaze of glory, but I will take the easy way out.8R.tsvg

  • I, the Handsome one, now definitely proven not being the clever one, loses with Axis (+8) vs Barca, by projection of power. 
    The Allied started with a lot of pressure on Japan, including a factory in India. Germany got to control Africa and even took Brazil. While Japan was able to keep hanging on to their precious Islands and keeping a foothold in Asian mainland, Germany grew strong and started to march towards Moscow and the Middle East. 
    The Pacific theatre of war was challenging to play and offered at least me, a lot of fun. Thanks to Barca for letting me play a little before going for the kill:).

    The game ended in round 7, when Mussolini and the Italians had a siesta and forgot to defend it's shores.
    Thanks to Barca for a fun, challenging and a little unorthodox game:) I wish him the best of luck in the rest of the tournament.8R.tsvg

  • CmdData (Allies) defeats Brennan (Axis +9) via arbitration in round 26 following Germany's turn. The Axis suffered very poor dice in the first two rounds and could not really recover. This culminated on J2 when Japan attacked Borneo with a battleship shot, 1 inf, 1 art, and 2 fighters
    vs 2 infantry. Japan received the 2 in 81 outcome (2.5%) where Borneo wasn't captured and all ground units on both sides eliminated.

    The Axis powers purchased many early Japanese fighters in an attempt to keep hold of Egypt. By round 9, the Axis evacuated from Egypt to Trans Jordan which was complicated by large Russian stacks in both Caucasus and West Russia. The next few rounds saw Africa reclaimed for the Allies
    and then the Allies began to power their way to a sizeable TUV and unit count advantage which kept growing round by round.

    The later rounds saw large airforces for both Germany and Japan with them aggressively posted in Western Europe. The Axis kept fighting hard to hold what ground they could.

    The first big battle of the game occurred on US 14 when the US executed an 11 transport drop into Southern Europe which was costly to both sides but harmed Germany a bit more.

    By Russia 17, the large Russian stack was able to march into Eastern Europe and execute a strangle hold on German income for a few rounds. By R19, Russian and German TUV were identical at 618 and Russia had 13 more units than Japan. Comparing ground + air units only, Russia had 29
    more units than Japan.

    Then the massive Japanese army came knocking by stacking Novo on J19. On R20, Russia released the strange hold on EE to come back to ward off Japan and prevent Caucasus from being captured. By R22, the Allies had rotated their forces so that Russia could fight Japan and the UK and US contain and push back the advancing Germans.

    The Allies pincered the German stack in EE in round 22 by having the UK stack Karelia and the US stack Ukraine. Round 23 saw Germany force the Allies to choose which to keep stacked. The Allies opted for Ukraine and then advanced that stack to Balkans in round 24. The US took root in Southern Europe in round 25 with no plans to give up holding that complex. Arbitration happened with the majority of the German force turtled in Germany and a sizeable force of 66 units in Karelia. TUV at that point (following G26) was 2268 to 1698. Total units was 515 to 358. The game rages on and is now in round 28.

    Thanks to Brennan for an enjoyable game and the fierce competition. Not once did he complain about the dice results despite very rotten Axis outcomes in the first 2 rounds. He's a solid and skilled player. I recommend your playing against him if you have not had the pleasure to do so before.


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