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  • So, I've been silently playing TripleA for many years. After this last update I've been getting very bad lag that doesn't start until about 3 rounds into game, this includes saved games. So, in other words, I get the lag, save the game, totally close program, reopen program, load save, no lag for about 3 rounds.

    Ive re-installed 3 times and changed the ram memory too.

    16gb ram
    1200 quad processor

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    @TheJeep1 what round and what map complicated maps, large histories and/or large numbers of units can make things lag sometimes.

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    This is a bit more of a bug report than a request for player help.

    From the bug report form, please answer:

    How can the problem be recreated?
    <!-- What list of steps can we take to see the problem, please be specific -->

    Attach a Save Game

    Also, are you playing on specific bots, or is this local games? When you say 'lag', what does that mean? Is it a lag when moving units, when completing a turn, or generally the game is going slow?

    Could you open the process manager and look at your CPU utilization when you see this problem. Is your CPU reading 100% usage, or is the usage low?

  • Yea I should of read more of the forums and been a bit more descriptive.

    Lag is more like a studdering that takes place when I try to move pieces, especially ones that move multiple zones. But it also affects the map scrolling when using the mouse. But doesn't happen during AI moves.

    Maps I play, it's happened on all 4, World at War, Ultimate War, NWO, Big World...and all versions of each.

    It could be the amount of units, I never considered that, although I dont alter the games and give them more of anything.

    TOTAL REINSTALL.tsvg It almost always happens about 3 rounds after game is started, weather it's a new game or a saved.

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