Help Needed Hosting Bot(s) On Ubuntu Server

  • Re: Hosting a bot from Ubuntu server?

    Hi all, I initially wanted to reply to this specific thread, but the forum bot suggested I make a new post referencing the thread instead.

    I have a headless Ubuntu Server that hosts a site for a URL that points to it. What I would like to do is move the TripleA hosting over to this same server so that we can use our URL for logging into a self-contained bot, instead of giving out my IP address every game.

    I can see from the referenced post that its possible to host bots on an Ubuntu Server, which I would love any and all help with (specifically, the bot script file that @prastle mentioned he had).

    Is it even possible to use an https:// URL entered into the IP address field for TripleA?

    Just for clarification, the flow would be: ----> ubuntu server running triplea bot(s)

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