No unit - except air units - should be allowed to move during both CM and NCM during the same turn

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    @redrum I can safely say i often move all my moves in combat even if they were not going into combat(Yes it often bites me in the ass! ) but if this is not affected by your changes it speeds game play. I could care less if we match the rules. I generally save the few non coms that i think might be needed elsewhere. jmho

    edited in. I guess i should clarify. I think it would be nice if we could match the rules. I hope any changes will not affect the players that want to do non-com moves in combat. Also it would be nice if we could move aa in combat. Since everyone always forgets them like me because we cant. Finally I guess my issue is that if we cant do as Veq said, "Seems kind of silly to be honest. If my guys can storm the beach with bullets in their face, I'm pretty sure they can storm the beach without bullets in their face...." realistically I cannot recall a complaint of blitzing my second move if it didn't involve combat. As for the trannie issues etc its a rare thing. BUT YES current engine makes it possible.

    So no matter what your decision is I think a few have made their points clear. The engine needs to support both. perhaps a switch? button that can be turned on and off like many maps? Either way GlHf GREAT JOB!

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    @redrum I think you need to reword the title, as it is not clear this is only incidentally about making NCM in CM.

    Also, I believe you should reword this phrase "All other units should only be allowed to both during one or the other", as I'm sure you agree it doesn't make sense (changing "both" to "either" would suffice, but I'd reword it more extensively; up to you).

    Just a suggestion to help to make the topic clear.

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    @cernel said in No unit - except air units - should be allowed to move as well in CM as in NCM:

    @redrum Can you clarify if units starting in a hostile empty territory and not moving during CM will or will not be influenced by this (being able to move out during NCM, after having taken the territory without moving) and if being able to blitz will make a difference, in this case.

    Umm can you provide a map where this is possible? Is the only way this happens due to diplomacy changes (friendly/neutral turned hostile)? Do any A&A maps potentially have this happen?

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    @redrum Yes. For example, you play Napoleonic Empires FFA and go to War and you have a land unit in an empty hostile territory or a ship in a empty hostile convoy zone. That unit will take the territory without moving, and will still be able to move, under the current behaviour (I suggest to keep). The other main case would be for limited combat rounds and no immediate take over, but I don't have a specific map in mind right now.

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    @cernel Probably I'm thinking that if the unit is able to blitz, then it should be able to take without moving and then still going on in NCM, while if it is unable to blitz it should be blocked, despite not having moved, if it doesn't move out during combat movement.
    Also, I believe that if the unit is able to blitz, then it should take the territory by moving out of it, but not if it is unable to, but this is off topic.

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    @cernel Alright. Most likely as long as they don't move during CM even if starting in a hostile territory then they'd still be allowed to move during NCM. You could definitely debate that a bunch of different ways especially for blitz vs non-blitz. Main point is that maps with open diplomacy are kind of undefined by A&A and we don't have many popular ones so the situation is fairly rare.

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    For Info, I have made maps that has situations where units can generate/spawn other units in empty enemy territories. Like in Dragon War where the Zombie Plague unit spawns a Zombie unit every turn, and this can be in an uncaptured enemy territory, as the Zombie Plague unit can fly into enemy territories and end turn there. Right now the capture is not done "immediatel" (but I will set this in the next map update). Also in Age of Tribes there are trigger placed units that can be placed even if it is enemy territory. Maybe map Caribbean Trade War also have triggers that can place units in enemy territory, I think so. Mostly the instances with units in un-captured territories in my maps are because of trigger-placed and unit-spawned units and maybe because of unfinished battles because of limited combat rounds.

    It was just info if it is needed ☺

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    @redrum I post this as an example of how this rule, that I deem to be silly, can impact in a game.

    This is the chat we just had:

    Dany: what rule are we using for loading trannies?
    tcurin: in terms of block?
    Dany: now with new engine set up
    Dany: we can load after combat
    tcurin: if they were in combat, no
    Dany: k because now they can't move combat and non combat
    tcurin: this case we need to solve
    tcurin: can i load these transports in NCM?
    Dany: so has exemple they wont be able too come back in 24
    tcurin: sz23
    Dany: no they will be stuck in 232
    tcurin: ok, solve that 🙂
    Dany: but maybe they had for counter that they load after combat
    Dany: since we use too move them away in combat and back in non combat
    Dany: You were slapped by Dany
    Dany: what do you think Cernel?
    Cernel: let me read
    Cernel: yeah no by revised rules you cannot load them in non combat
    Cernel: if you moved them in combat
    Cernel: which is dumb
    Dany: but now engine allows load after combat
    Dany: if they didnt move
    tcurin: if i keep them in sz24
    Cernel: yes because by revised rules you can load or unload (not both) after combat if you took part in a battle without unloading
    tcurin: i would be able to load them?
    Dany: yes
    Dany: engine will alow
    tcurin: that is wrong i guess
    Dany: but not in previous version
    Cernel: but if you move them away from the hostile zone, they count as having move during combat move, and don't have the special bonus of being able no load
    Cernel: it is not wrong dany, just dumb
    Dany: well i would like too adapt too new engine evently
    Dany: to load after combat
    tcurin: i would preffer that i can move them in CM phase and load them in NCM
    Cernel: if those transports remain in 24 and take part in the battle without unloading, they will be able to load or unload but not both
    Dany: since trannies don't have attacking value
    Cernel: if you only move them away to 23 sea zone, they will be able to do nothing, during non combat move
    Dany: so let's play with enigne rules Tcurin?
    Dany: a load after combat allowed
    Dany: ?
    tcurin: ok
    tcurin: but not unload?
    Cernel: well, before being the engine rules, those are the revised rules; just the old engine gave freedom to the players to follow them or not
    Dany: no engine won'T allow
    Cernel: so as I said
    Cernel: if you keep the transports in 24
    Cernel: you should be able to either:
    Cernel: 1) load them during non combat move, keeping what you loaded on board
    Cernel: 2) now load something on them, and then unload it during non combat move
    Cernel: but you should not be able to both load and unload in non combat move
    tcurin: option 2 is not possible i guess?
    Cernel: tho since the sea zone is hostile you cannot load in 24 sea zone now
    tcurin: they are in battle zone
    Cernel: correct
    Cernel: so basically, in this situation only things you can do is either:
    Cernel: 1) keeping them in 24 sea zone, do battle and in non combat move you will only able to load units on them and keeping such units on board
    Cernel: 2) moving them away to 23 or 22 sea zone and do nothing else now and nothing else during non combat move
    tcurin: yes
    Cernel: realistically, what I believe you should be able to do is to move out to 23 sea zone in combat movement, then, during non combat movement, moving back to a cleared 24 sea zone and eventually load a...
    Cernel: nd unload, but this is against the rules
    tcurin: agree on that too
    Dany: well it use to be that
    Dany: engine allowed that before
    tcurin: but let's follow rules on this, altough not ideal
    Cernel: that is just because the engine didn't support those rules, but you were supposed to follow them anyways (since this is revised rules)

    20190326_World At War.png

    So, I'm not against enforcing this rule, as I said, since this is the actual rule for the basic Word War II Revised game, but I think it would be good to have either a property that, if set true, would allow to split movement of all units between combat and non combat movement or, even better, an option for define if each unit is able to still move during non combat movement if moved during combat movement or participated in a battle (default true if the unit is air, of course), and, then, a property for validating such option. This editable property (user option) can, of course, be added to World At War, I suppose off as default.

    In the above case, this would allow the player to move those Russians transports from 24 Sea Zone to 23 Sea Zone during Combat Movement, then, during Non Combat Movement, go back to 24 Sea Zone and freely load and unload.

    Tho I have to say that the recently added property for being able to load in hostile sea zones (not disposable in the mentioned game) goes a long way in reducing the distortive impact of this no-split movement rule.

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