Open website confirmation message - should we keep it, or just open the browser window?

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    As the title says, whenever the game will open a browser window, you get:


    I'd like to gather some input on whether this confirmation window is appreciated. Should we keep it, or just open a web browser window directly? We could also keep it and add a "do not ask again" as a third option if it would be worth the work. Please vote and any thoughts/comments/feedback is welcome.

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    I voted "keep it".

    At first I had to figure out when this message opens, as I obviously never had hit "Rule Book" or "Help" before. Keep it, because you would not expect a 20 MB download from outside TripleA when hitting the button. As you would not expect an external help page.
    Once you have downloaded the rulebook you probably would never hit "Rule Book" again, also you can bookmark the help page if wanted/needed. So adding an option to not ask again appears to be unessential (if too much work).

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    Yes keep it.

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