Tournament of Champions (Season 4) for AA 50 Anniversary '41 version

  • Empiricist (Axis) defeats Froin (Allies), Froin conceding on Japan's turn round 8. A well fought match, but a mistake with Caucasus at the start made it an uphill battle for Allies which ultimately proved too much. Thanks to Froin - a skilled and very affable opponent.

  • Mogwai (Axis) defeats MasterCam (Allies), with MasterCam conceding in Round 13 after concluding that every possible counter move would not lead to victory. Moscow was taken in round 6, but a hide and run strategy was employed by the Allies leading a long hunt to cut down stragglers. 0_1516742647353_Tournament.tsvg

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    redrum (Axis) defeats max333 (Allies), with him conceding in Round 2 after a rough start.

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    ** News Alert **

    A432 jumps out to an early lead into Round 3.
    ToC3 champ Riverrat hit early, but vows to overcome adversity and come back strong.
    Top 3 seeds LeeMorrison, Icelander, and Stroid waiting anxiously to battle! Watch out for these guys --- all strong players!
    Everyone is still in, and anybody can still win this.

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    @deltium I believe @max333 decided to resign from the tournament as well based on him feeling a bit too new to the map.

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    @redrum 0_1516938806891_de461fdb-e458-4889-8397-9013d1f57484-image.png

    Just another unmarked soldiers grave. 😉

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    OK, a couple players have finished their games, and sent me emails directly. Just a friendly reminder to post your result here at the Forum. Updated bracket here:

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    @deltium we finished our game and it was Excellent! Ty you for the game @Stroid
    here is the save file
    0_1517322430842_pras axis vs stroid allies.tsvg

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    @prastle as axis japs overrun Moscow to save Berlin is the short story gn gents excellent game @Stroid

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    Deltium (Axis) defeats Beck (Allies, with bid of 14) in Round 11. First, Beck is a professional and swift player. Allies opted for a KGF and made good initial progress, along with its bombers causing incredibly painful damage , with 4 Allied bombers surviving intact through Round 7, without any losses, and huge IPC damage to Germany. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, Beck masterly utilized the UK to thin Germany in key territories like Poland, where it had a defensively solid position, but the consistent thinning of unit count allowed the Allies to ultimately stack NWE and trade France repeatedly. However, the Japanese war machine patiently advanced to Persia, which along with some German air support secured a pivotal position in Kazakh. Shortly thereafter, Japan captured Moscow, and the Allies graciously resigned. Good game Beck!

    Game file attached:


  • Reporting game "hope this is the right spot

    TimeLord vs andrewthree

    TimeLord 1-0

    Win by honorable surrender by andrewthree

    Happy hunting all

  • Wasp(axis) wins vs. Mogwai(allies). Stalin gets his way as the western allies employ a break germany by attrition strategy. Stalin sips on vodka as yanks and tommies die by the 10's of thousands across the beaches of europe. It turns out, the Italians do have the will to fight! Later...the red army reaches the gates of the reich itslef! However, japan lays siege to the caucasus and raids moscows' backyard. The end comes soon after as the imperial air wing destroys the british fleet reinforcing the red army in poland. The only job left is to round up all the allied war criminals and sentence them to our justice!

  • Just to check, I guess me and the other dude (silent I think it was) are definetely out right, nobody needs a replacement?

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    Hi Ondis - thanks for checking again, but we are OK. I do plan to launch a new tournament for AA 50 '41 after this one is completed. In the meantime however, if you are receptive, I am accepting registration for a Revised tournament at the following link, which should launch in late February. Cheers, Deltium

  • sneakingcoard against quartermaster
    Axis vs Allies

    allies was getting pu advantage.
    europe all surrounded.
    but allies was having its stalingrad at balkans, 3 rounds later russia has fallen.
    an overall good game with a lucky winner.

  • andrewthree(Allies) defeated Beck (Axis). Axis ran into some bad luck early in Caucasus. Allies focused on bombing Germany, sending troops to Middle East and submarine warfare in Pacific. Axis had difficulty recovering and eventually decided there was no point continuing, conceding on round 7 Germany.


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    @andrewthree was a good game ,i will mention that battle calc wasnt working properly,we both agreed on that and that axis had very very bad dice not only early on,but thru out whole game which made the match no fun for me at all.

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    Mogwai advances vs. Riverrat, due to forfeit.

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    FYI - the last game in Round 1 will be finished not later than Feb 28th. The pace is moving a bit slowly overall, so I am going to set a new time deadline of 30 days for all games going forward and a time deadline of 36 hours per move.

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    General_Zod advances vs. Blackskull by Adjudication. Blackskull played the Allies with a bid of 12. This was a very complex board position, and 3 qualified and expert AA50 players carefully considered the board position, strategic position, and all factors to assess this winner, which was unanimous in the favor of the Axis.

    However, both players demonstrated good sportsmanship and gameplay.