Saving pre game with AI

  • So if the ai goes first is there any way to save the game before it starts ? After human/hard/bonuses ? I give some countries the bonus but when ai does bad I just wanna hit save and start over.

    Usually those aggressive AI's start before I can save : )

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    @beelee the new engine actually has a new autosave folder. In it you will find an autosave labeled "autosaveBeforeBattle.tsvg". You could keep loading that save till they got better results. Or make a save file with your setup. I am not sure if this is what you were referring to. I hope this helps. ūüôā

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    @beelee Set up your game, but don't assign 'AI' to the first nation to go but "Human" instead.
    When the game is loaded save it.
    Quit the game.
    Load the savegame again and assign 'AI' to the nation to go first.

  • thanks for the replies guys. I guess I just needed to sleep on it as I came to Panther's solution this morning. : ) Thanks again

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