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    Just a heads-up for all map makers...

    Some build-related files that are no longer used (.travis.yml and build.gradle) were removed from almost every map repo in the triplea-maps organization on GitHub (see for details). If you have any pending changes you have not yet pushed to your repo on GitHub, you will have to resync with the remote first (i.e. git pull). The files that were removed have nothing to do with the map definitions themselves, and so you shouldn't see any merge conflicts when you resync.

    Please leave a comment at the above issue if you notice any problems.

  • Admin

    @ssoloff Was that ancient Assyrian? Are any of us mere mortals supposed to understand any part of that? =)

  • @ssoloff So, if I usually just drag-and-drop upload stuff to GitHub, then I don't have to care about any of this, am I correct?

  • Admin

    @hepps It's called "Githubese" ... similar to "Chinese" ;)

  • Moderators

    @Hepps Sorry, I assumed you map makers all had the official-issue secret decoder ring we hand out over at GitHub. :-)

    @alkexr I don't think you'll have any problems because you'll only be DnD'ing a file which was not touched by these changes, and the GitHub web UI should be smart enough to figure that out. If I'm wrong, just open an issue on GitHub, and we'll straighten everything out again.

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