Newbie questions re install & asynch games

  • Hi,

    Newbie questions here. I tried finding answers elsewhere before posting here.

    Want to play asynchronously with a friend in a different time zone.
    Intended to do PBEM. But he couldn't get the app to install. His machine / system is too old, unable to update further.

    1. If we play online, are long, asynch games possible? I'm worried if one of us finishes a turn and logs out, we will lose the game. That is, it will become inactive or another person will take my friend's place or something like that. Years ago we played on play by email dot com's A&A game, it was great fun but sometimes a day or two would pass between moves.

    2. It looks like the online games can be played without actually installing TripleA on one's machine? Is that right? I have it installed on my machine but like I said, he can't install.

    Thank you. Thank you for making this great game.

  • @kirk_dunkirk Hi kirk
    Yea, you need triplea installed. Pretty sure your buddies machine should work. Idk a whole lot about it, but my machine's over 10 years old.

    You can save games online or any way you play, so no worries there.

    I would suggest asking @Panther . He's very knowledgeable and explains things in a polite manner.

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    @kirk_dunkirk Indeed, TripleA does not require sophisticated hardware and runs on old computers. As long as your friend can install and run Java 8 ( see ) and has at least 2GB of RAM (though 4GB is recommended) he should be fine. Please ask in case you need further assistance. It would be helpful to know more of the specs of your friend's computer, then (which OS, how much RAM...).

  • Thanks!

    I got some specs from him and they go something like this:

    One machine is a G5 Powermac (!) that can only run up to OS10.5, and the other is a work machine that runs 10.6 - but can't be upgraded for work-related reasons. Therefore neither can run Java 8.
    Too bad ūüėě

    btw I would love to see a tablet version of TripleA someday! Or browser based. Just a fantasy - I have no idea of the money, time and technical hurdles involved.

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    @kirk_dunkirk To get your head up, (not making any promises) if I'm successfully able to rework the UI, porting the UI to mobile devices might be feasible, but this will probably still take more than half a year

  • @kirk_dunkirk I picked up a used ThinkPad for $100 and put windows on it when I was having trouble with my other machine. It worked fine. In case your buddy wants to upgrade, it's not too expensive that way

  • Thanks all!

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