"Save game at this point (BETA)" corrupted my game to disallow movement bonuses

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    I understand the warnings about using the "save game at this point" in the game history mean it isn't always going to work, and this time it didn't. But the failure mode in this case seem bizarre. I'm playing the AA1940 global game that adds airbases and ports to the game, but the saved game does not add the movement bonuses to any units. The ports and airbases still are in the countries, but they don't do anything.

    I'm curious to know if there is a simple edit I could make to the file to fix the problem, as it seems like some flag/option has been set inappropriately.


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    @jim-parker You could try the "Perform Move or other Actions" in edit mode. Next time the turn cycles around it should work ok.

    Also in case you didn't save at the start of the turn, you could try that. I've noticed sometimes when you edit units in their movement bonus doesn't kick in right away

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    Also the save game beta function was always kinda broken. But if you download the new prerelease engine you will find a new autosave folder that records every turn. Glhf

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    The developers would be interested in a zipped file of the save game and notes on which turn/phase you are using for 'save game at this point'.

    @Jim-Parker would you mind zip'ing the save game file and uploading it somewhere and posting a link, or please create a bug report directly and attach the zip game to the bug report: github.com/triplea-game/triplea/issues/

  • @lafayette
    Thanks, I submitted a bug report to GitHub and attached the game files as you recommend.

  • @beelee
    You are right about the next turn correcting the problem. I guess this is really a minor issue. Thanks.

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    @jim-parker Yeah, the reason is that the airbase and naval bases use a trigger to add the +1 movement to air/naval units and this trigger may not fire properly when the game is saved from the history but as you can see once you play through a round everything should be fine.

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