Is there other points in a turn to activate triggers?

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    Wondering whether there are more phases within a game turn where you can activate a trigger.

    So to me it appears that a trigger can be set to activate "before" or "after" a specific point in a turn. These points seem to correlate to the different delegates within a given turn.

    My question is... are there any other moments within a turn where a trigger can be set?

    Are there other definable transitions within each: combat... noncombat... purchase...etc.

    Or is the start and end of each delegate the only definable phases for a trigger?

  • @hepps You can hack it by adding fake combat phases, you name them whatever you like and add as many as you like between every two real phase. If there are no pending battles, they will simply be skipped over. Not too elegant though I guess. You could also add a fake player with no PUs and add fake purchase phases for the fake player.

    But otherwise I think the answer is no.

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    @alkexr Yes I know that. Thanks though... but what I was really getting at is that there seem to be other fixed "delegates" (for lack of a better term) within each actual "delegate"...

    Such as AA Guns always fire at the same time in every combat engagement.
    Attacking rolls always go first.
    Casualties are always selected after each side rolls...

    There are so many other fixed behaviors within each of the delegates. I am wondering if any of those are listed somewhere... or if they can be used to fire a trigger.

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    @hepps I believe triggers can only be activated before/after each phase. There isn't any way to have them fire in the middle of a phase based on some other event.

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    @redrum Ok. Wasn't sure, but that is what I figured. Thanks.

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