Couldn't Read Unread Notice

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    Not sure where you want this but I got the little icon signifying 2 unread msgs but when I clicked on it, it said there were none. The icon was still there. I went and found the most recent msgs and after I clicked on them the icon went away.

    Just a heads up, as it hasn't done that for me before. Haven't messed with any settings since it happened either.

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    Yes just did similar for me I had to switch the watched topics to all topics. We were contemplating removing that one since we already have a notifications (little bell) seems duplicated and might become annoying once pbf and pbem up and running. Thoughts?

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    @prastle yea is working again now. Doesn't matter too much to me. I like to see what others are discussing as well. I guess I don't mind it the way it is.

    I suppose when there's more traffic it could be handy, but yea, doesn't really matter.

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    Oops, this was my fault...
    I wanted to test if we could limit "unread" to the followed topics only, but I forgot to revert the changes 😅

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