Offset Color Scheme for "Original Owner Territories"

  • I was just reading a post ("Global 1940 mod 3 Major factory Kiangsu?") and it got me to thinking that the (true) solution is to have an Offset Color for Territories that were captured prior to the start of the game; and also during the course of the game.

    At least, this should be in effect for games where Factory construction is limited due to "Original Ownership" issues.

    Of course, another option would be for the map maker to include "water marks" (whenever possible) in the map tiles. But that might be more work than simply adding the Offset Color Scheme.

    A notification regarding the original ownership (as a reminder) would be helpful as well.

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    @stohrm On the (real) gameboard "Original Ownership" is indicated by an enblem. So for example on Kiangsu there is a (Nationalist) Chinese enblem printed on the map. The rulebooks refer to those enblems. The offset color indicates the ownership when starting the game. This is why Kiangsu has an orange offset (indicating that it starts controlled by Japan).

  • @Panther I haven't had the real game board out in a long, long time; nor have I even seen the newest one (That supposedly came out just before Christmas.

    So, the (perhaps not so obscure) watermark concept should apply; and that's on the map-maker. I'll be sure to make that adjustment to any (and all) that I make.


    PS. The box set(s) I have is(/were; as I had two that are now combined) pre 21st Century; and, as I said, it's been a while...

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    @stohrm Does this work for your needs?


  • @Hepps Yes and no.

    Yes, it works; but, no, I think I'll add it more as a watermark in a skin. Perhaps about twice that size, less opaque and directly behind the Production symbol.

    In truth, it's not a big issue for me. It was just something that came to mind when I was reading the post I mentioned.

    Or, I might add it as a Unit (of sorts) and have it's negative effect on Factories fade over time. In which case the unit would be replaced with the same symbol embedded in a NOT Symbol (circle with diagonal line).

    Again, though, it's not really a biggie. It's just something my mind focused on at the time.

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    Actually - on the real board - every territory (except Neutrals of course) has the emblem of the original controller printed on the board. Just to add this information here...

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