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    I think a new category in the forum to give us a place to introduce ourselves would be nice.

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    @cradge Good call! Welcome to Triple A.

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    Right now I would say that category ”The War Club” (General talk about any and all matters that would interest TripleA players) would be the place people could use to introduce themselves, if they want to.

    One can never know how much a non-existing category might be wanted/needed. My personal guess is that, even if such a category existed, most new people would just keep on presenting themselves during their first post, if they should feel the need to present themselves. But if this is actually a thing that has been desired before and by several people, then now is the time to shout out! 🙂

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    @frostion np if ya want to move the topic there frosti.

  • Ok, well, I'm Cradge!

    I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada, and I'll be 32 next month.

    I've played Axis and Allies Revised Edition for 10+ years with some close friends, although we've only played once or twice each year for the past few years.

    I really enjoy turn based strategy. I've recently become involved with Warhammer 40k and thoroughly enjoy it, although I must admit to a degree of naivete as far as painting the miniatures. It's a lot of work!

    I like computers and PC gaming. I enjoy card games, board games, tabletop games, anything that has nuances and involves tactics and critical thought. That't not to say I excel at any of it!

    I'm glad to be welcome and look forward to some friendly competitive gaming. 🙂

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